Friday, August 31, 2012

SWAT'S LAST STAND LEGO MOC (warning:lego blood) moc no. 2

The zombie horde as they climb over the road block.

Zombie riot trooper, zombie nobleman, zombie pizza delivery boy, and zombie eskimo.

A squad of three SWAT officers fighting off the zombie horde (I made the weapon the middle officer is holding from a YOUTUBE video.)

Note the two zombie soldiers in the front and back. (Yes, I did use a werewolf body for the second zombie attacking the fallen SWAT officer.)
Welcome to my second moc which I call: ''SWAT'S LAST STAND,'' in which three swat officers fight off a horde of undead (mechanic, driver, skier, punk, etc.) which has already managed to kill a fourth SWAT officer. I apologize for it being blurry; I will try to make it better in the future. In the part of the picture you cannot see, there is a crashed motrcyle and a parked car. In pic 2 the first swat officer is shooting his rifle, the purple is NOT part of the gun, in case you are wondering. The part other than the moc is my room also; I will add some of Matthew's and Kyle's mocs from time to time. I am glad about how the Lego swat shield worked out, although you cannot see it, in pic 4 it is there. I used a Lego handle and Lego series base for it.


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