Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my first to last day at greek camp

yeoman zombie one of my favorite pirates of the caribbean zombies

 Today Rita (my babysitter) drove me to Greek camp. When we got there I took off my shoes and back pack. Then we made the rest of our temple. Me and another kid did pictures of centaurs geting killed by Greeks. Then we played running and bean bag toss. Then we heard the Icarus and Dedalus myth and then we had a game of telephone. It started as: 'Alexander the Great had a horse named (whatever they named it) and liked to ride him into battle'' but ended as: ''Alexander pooed on a wall'' (if you are offended by this I did not invent this idea). Then Rita picked me up and me and Molly watched Pirates of the Carribean: Black Pearl. Darn Rita stopped it at the part where the skeleton pirates have just boarded the ship.

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