Thursday, August 9, 2012

ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (part 1 of 3) warning: a tiny bit gory(in the picture not the story)

In Nevada Dr. John Huston walks into military laboratory. Radioactive workers wearing hazermat suits go by. Dr. John Huston walks into a laboratory where several workers gather around a body. The doctor comes in and a surgeon says: "This man is dying. We must save him.'' The doctor then mixes potion and venom together and puts the small battle in a injection gun. He then injects the patient. The patient's skin turns grey; his eyes turn into pulpless eyes; his fingernails grow into claws. Then suddenly he bites one surgeon. He attacks another surgeon but this man pulls out a small handgun which he shoots the surgeon with -- but the surgeon zombie is still alive. He shoots him two mores time. Then the zombie surgeon bites him. The zombies then infect the lab with the v-virus.

Suddenly we travel to an army base where young Soldier Dave is told by Sergent Rock to go kill every single infected person coming to the gate of the lab. Dave pulls out a pistol and suddenly! he sees a zombie, dark-skined zombie officer Drolling. Dave shoots the zombie in the  chest, arm, and head. When the zombie gets hit in the head with a bullet it screams: ''Gggghhhh!!!!'' and falls over dead. Suddenly Dave is jumped on by a hidden bald zombie officer with three bullet wounds in its chest. It moans: "ggghhhhrrryyhy!!!'' and attempts to choke Dave but Dave manages to point his revolver toward the zombie officer's chest and fires ten times. The zombie officer keels over and Dave enters the lab... continued in a three- post-long mini series ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (stay tune!)

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