Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night

Today was Halloween as you all know. I went to school as a swamp zombie Stephan was an x-ray, Mia was a cat AND a witch, James was the grim reaper, and our NEW student Evan was a ninja. We went to recess with Briana, Stephan's friend, and when we played Angry Birds tag, she played Mighty Eagle. She was dressed for halloween as a ''white owl,'' but I have to say that she looked a lot more like a chicken. One kid I know was a zombie hunter with a sweet zombie head on his belt and also a sweet bullet belt. Also the ''I'M BATMAN!'' teen was dressed as... well... batman! Baton, a kindergartner, was Iron Man. We played tag, then we watched some animated halloween clips, then we had assembly where we all did some sing-along. Then we did a halloween party in our rooms. We got to watch half of CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT and then we got picked up. When Matthew and Kyle came I was suprised -- I thought one of kyle's minions would be with him, but he probably was sick. We went out and we got a load of candy. We discovered some little lane that we had never gone to before and got piles full of candy. Then we went home where we piled the candy all out on my bed. There were snickers, tootise pops, and many, many more types of candy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: zombie mustache pig


Zombie Mustache Pig was made when he and all the other pigs got turned into zombies. He appears only in: ANGRY BIRDS:ZOMBIES. He is one of the strongest pigs, other then Zombie King Pig and Fat Pig. He is armed with a fork. Like all the pigs, he got turned back at the end.

Monday, October 29, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS:mutant piggey

Mutant pig only appears in ANGRY BIRDS:HALLOWN BIRDS. He was a normal pig but King Pig, Mustache Pig, and Dr. Pigs put him in a teleporter since they needed a more moreful pig than normal, but something happened and he got a extra eye. He became bigger than King Piggie and big pigs. He crushed a stupid Doctor Pig that walked up to the teleporter. King Pig started making a bunch of them but they ended up with three ears, four mouths, and extra eyebrows. They turned into failed mutant pigs. (See future blog post ALL NEW PIGS: failed mutant pigs.) He got to get his own spear (most piggies have no weapons minus army pigs) and poisoned sword. He was a boss, he got half-killed but he escaped and got to be a colonel in the pig army and got to lead a bunch of army pigs and helmet pigs.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Battle of Vordoon part 3 of 3

An orc squad releases a volley of arrows and kills all of a squad of troopers. Thousands of orcs and trolls swarm out of the gate. A giant clubs a general. A giant troll smashes a row of troopers. An orc berzerker who is wounded attacks King John with a mace but he cuts off the orc's head. A one-eyed orc gets stabbed. Thousands of orc archers fire but they get killed by a catapult. An orc fires a firey arrow but a pikeman kills him. The orc second-in-command rides out on a horse. He kills a knight but a bunch of archers kill him. Commander Yoron says, ''Send in the hellhound riders.'' Thousands of hellhounds with orcs attack but the archers all fire and kill them all. Commander Yoron and thirteen orcs on horses come riding out. The knights attack the others but Yoron kills all that attack him. King John attacks him and kills his horse but Yoron leaps off before King John can kill him. They duel and finally Commander Yoron gets his head cut off. And the knights win!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

COOL NEW PIGS: general pig

The second-in command to second-in command to mustache pig. He is the general of the pig army. He is the second-most-smartist pig. He owns a winchester pistol, a bazooka, and a handknife. He likes to battle in a tank, plane, or jeep. He is an expert shot. As a sniper, he is the head of THE PIG ARMY. At first he was an army pig, and then the first pig army ruler. THE BIG PIG died, so he got to take his place.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

LASER SINECE MUSIC PARTY!!! plus my clone wars guy has a new squad!

oh... shiny lights...
 Today I went to Stanbridge Academy and then at the end of the day there was an assembly and everyone was there. So were all the teachers. If you counted everyone there you would have 100! Anyway counseler James (not student James!) intrdocued us all to Zack, a guy from Pennsylvania. He does laser stuff. He talked about stuff. Joey came and helped him. Then he projected two cartoons with the lasers. It was funny. Then everyone packed up and went home.

I was playing Clone Wars Adventures. I was on Umbara, cornered by more battle droids and umbarens than you can shake a stick at when out of the blue three players came out and masscred the baddies! I became freinds with them all. They were in the squad THE DARKEST LORDS. Since befreinding was not enough, I joined there squad! So there you have it -- I now have a new squad!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

diary of wilhhuff dartforger chapter 1


the lead bounty hunters: voodsk and commando yoth

the lead clone officer

My first misson with my squad: tiger squad was to the planet Carlac, a snowy plant overrun by Mandalorens, battle droids, and who knows what... CARLAC TIME: 1 ROTATION AFTER LAST ENTRY finally! after hours flying that ship and only a holo-pad to entertain myself we got there! The base had a lot more squads than I knew. We went over to Jamon-kung at the holoprojecter. ''What is the problem?'' I said. ''Well, there are Mandolorians, Yoruiy commandos, battle droids, and bounty hunters.'' Ug, I hate Mandolorians. I said to him, ''Can your squad spare some snow gear?'' ''Yeah,'' he says. After a while we got the stuff on then we went out and waited for the enemy...
CARLAC TIME: 1-HALF ROTATION AFTER LAST ENTRY: well, we saw more enemies since I last wrote. I was fighting a mob of Mandolorns and super battle droids when I saw a figure sitting on a huge black wampa with a black cloak with a red lightsaber in hand just sitting behind the mob of droids...   
CARLAC, NEAR DROID DEPLOYER TIME: 3 ROTATIONS LATER... me and my men were real lucky because the commando droids and elite death watch troopers did not hear us. Oh, great now that clanker has spotted me CHARGE!!! I just cut down that Mandolorian with my lightsaber. Finally, after all the droids are destroyed and 2 of my men are killed, I see a clone, Sergent Banner, walking up to the deployer. Suddenly a blaster bolt hits him in the head and he falls back. A Mandolorian wearing red armor with his mask carved in with a bullet belt and a BN-23 SEREIS BLASTER PISTOL says ''prepare for me to introduce myself. I am Gghhhyt hornotyon and...'' Then a blaster bolt hits him in the arm and he tumbles down...
CARLAC, IN WOODS TIME:1 ROATATION: Ugghh, we were on our speeders when a Mandolorian sniper threw a grenade on a tree and blew it up. It destroyed our bikes. We got the sniper, but he got us -- we were stuck in the forest. Then I saw a temple where we could get energy for a comlink call... when we got there we wandered around then suddenly a hooded Datmorian jumped out and attacked us with a elxctro stafe, but we killed him. Then we saw a Mandolorian talking to someone. Then the stranger spoke: ''a Jedi is here with a squad of clones. Send your men to destroy them. I will go...'' then the Mandolorian comes over with an army of battle droids, but we killed them all. And we got energy so we could make a signal so a Jedi would save us...
CARLAC, WAR ROOM: We learned about a heavily armed wall that the death watch control center was at. Me and an army of clones and Jedi flew over in a gun ship and jumped out then the battle began... There were LEGIONS of Mandolorians and a few battle droids. They swarmed into the Jedi and clones. All of them shooting and cutting at each other.  My squad and I  managed to blast and cut our way to the control center. We got there and blasted all of the death watch guards and techies. Then suddenly Pre Visla walked out: ''You have killed plenty of my men -- time for you to pay!!!'' he says and lunges: ''Go!” I scream. My men all run out. I duel with Pre Visla. We duel till we duel out a hole in the wall made by a cannon then I cut his jetpack and he flies off...
CARLAC DEATH WATCH COMMAND CENTER: Me and my men turn on a memory pad and find out where the Separatist base is. All clones and Jedi deploy. The Separatist base has many buildings. Artillary blasts its way in to it. Thousands of droids attack, led by a Kallish bounty hunter armed with a mace. He slices droids until I see him. He jumps at me bashing two clone heads. He almost bashes me, but I force push him over the wall! Then I walk to the toweri and cut down most the commando droid guards. Then I get to the top. A group of various Sith guards attack, but I kill them. Then I see the Sith. He turns around -- A GENOSIAN! He turns on his blade, ''I am Darth Krnon,'' he says and lunges at me. We duel, then he tackles me, and we smash through the window. We battle each other mid-air. Then he orders a tank to fire at me. Well, Wilhhuff Dartforger is not one to go: “Gee! I sure hope that HUGE CANNON hits me!” Anyway, then I deflected it and made the cannon blow up. Then a hover craft flew by and caught us. We battled, then the craft crashed and then Darth Krnon escaped and the Republic wins. I get my own cruiser, THE MINATOR, and I got a company instead of a squad! Now for the next battle...

Monday, October 22, 2012


Some pigs from Angry Birds yours truly edited on PAINT:




Sunday, October 21, 2012


the orc battle pack

figs:miner orc,ripper orc,armor orc, and orc axeman

attack of the dead

figs:Skully,mordor orc,ghost 1, and ghost 2

defend the breach!

Figs:gondor trooper 1,gondor trooper 2,black uruk, s armor orc,orc archer, and orc spearman

toss it in to the fire!

Figs:Isldur, and elf whose name I can not remember
Wave one of aa series of mocs from my computer i will do this every time i feel like makeing them.(I had to use a gold flower piece for the one ring since they do not have a gold coin.)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Star Wars Kinect

cool kick for kit!


 Star Wars Kinect is a cool star wars game you can play in story mode and fight battle droids and other baddies, and also you can play as angry rancors in RANCOR RAMPAGE. I like that game since you can crush people and smash stuff. Also you can duel villians, like sun guards and others. I wondor if sun guards are from Black Sun or are Mandolorns? There is also a dance mode and another one but I do not do those games.

Friday, October 19, 2012

the orc tochere chamber moc no. 8


a knight encasted in lava

a orc captain with a mace about to batter a peasent to death.

the peasent

a orc genaral.

a orc archer about to kill a peasent and a woman.

this is little moc in a place where orcs are torchereing peasents and knights for imformatian.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Attack of the Time-Zombies

It is the year 2012. Jack Shots races to a hidden lab and sees Doctor Brains activating a time machine, ''Well, well, well, if it isn't Jack,'' he says evilly, and then says, “I have already sent my zombie army to infect every time period!'' Then Jack shoots a bottle, and it splashes over Dr. Brains and turns him in to a zombie. Zombie Brains lumbers into the time machine. Then Jack jumps in the machine before it closes. Then he finds himself in the Jurassic and finds a few guns and a dagger from a dead survivor. Then he battles zombie cavepeople -- a huge cavewoman zombie but he shoots her. Then a portal appears and Jack runs towards it, but is stopped by a zombie saber-tooth tiger. He shoots it twenty times, but it only gets harmed a little bit, so he goes and throws a grenade and kills it. Then he goes and sees zombie farmers -- he battles them all. Then sees a huge burly zombie farmer without a shirt called Big Bogga, then he kills him. Then he goes to Japan -- he battles zombie ninjas and samurai. Then he battles Sensei Brain and kills him. Then he goes to gangster times. He fights zombie cops and gangsters then he kills Al Zombiepone and Machine Gun Brainy. Then he gets portaled to the future and kills cyborg-zombies and robot zombies. Then he goes and battles Doctor Zom-brains (aka, zombie Dr. Brains) and wins. Then he shoots the control panel and goes back to our time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Battle of Kashkky part 4

BOOM!!!! The clone walker explodes! In the Separatist base Trandoshon engineers and guards walk around. Trandoshon High General Yorgon, wearing an eyepatch and armor, walks to the conm systum. A hologram in a dark cloak appears: ''Are the jedi  distracted?'' the figure says in a raspy voice: ''Yes, my lord,'' Yorgon says. ''Good, I will not come to the planet. Instead I will send some of my servants.'' ''Yes, my lord,'' Yorgon says. He orders lines of Trandoshan soliders, knife handlers, and heavys. We go to the shore where the battle rages on wookies, and clones fire at the endless storm of battle droids and Trandoshans.  A Trandoshan heavy shoots a clone pilot. A wookie commando is hopelessly outnumbered by Trandoshans and killed. Suddenly a Trandosh warship appears, bombarding all near where it is going to land. It touchs down. It opens thousands of trandoshs and battle droids charge from it. Finally, when all the reinforcements are gone from the ship, five figures step out. All turn on red lightsabers. They take off their hoods. The first is a red Zarbrak, with a cyborg eye, the second is a white Bith, the third is a bald human with a laser-mace, the fourth is a unknown species Sith with six arms and laser whips. Their leader is a Wookie Sith. Pablo Jill and Robon Cobb light up their blades, ''Hello, allow us to introduce ourselves,'' he says. ''This is Darth Zargon, Darth Ert, Darth Jolk, and I am Darth Twon,'' he says. Pablo Jill and Robon Cobb rush forward. So do the Sith. Darth Ert gets cut in half by Pablo Jill. Darth Zargon gets his legs cut off and gets stabbed. Darth Jolk gets his leg cut with a lightsaber and gets pushed into a speeder. Darth Twon prepares to attack his enemy, man to man...what will happen next? Will Darth Twon kill Robon Cobb and Pablo Jill or will they win? Find out next time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Possible Zombie Island???

four versions of a zombie hunter

radioactive waste = zombies!

a hint of an infection

a look at a zombie (he IS purple but he still is a zombie)

I was playing poptropica and looking through sneak peeks on the poptropica blog and I saw they had a few thing that all were screaming: ''Zombie island!!!'' I mean that is definitely a zombie in pic no. 4, well, a purple zombie, but a zombie. The zombies in the island may be zombies but they also could be mutants or something or other.

Monday, October 15, 2012


It is a dark and stormy night. An abandoned army base is about to to be terminated by a test atom bomb. Suddenly the bomb falls, fire flying from the back. On impact it explodes, a huge radiation explosion shaking the ground miles around. In Los Angeles very nearby... busy businessmen walk to their jobs, children play tag on a kiddie playground. Suddenly Mr. R.M. Nichols, a tired workman, hears a huge roar and screams as a huge shadow looms over him... A boy walking with his mother notes a trail of slime and follows it to see a huge looming red drooling blob, its eyes light orange, search for human flesh! A roadblock stands between the monster and the roads. Hundreds of police, F.B.I. and S.W.A.T stand holding batons, assault rifles, bazookas, and sniper rifles, all aimed at the hideous living jell. The blob monster throws itself at the police, devouring every one it can get at. Bullets fly through the air as thousands of guns fire. After every police is dead the blob monster throbs towards the last defense against it... the heavy artillery (aka the half-tracks and tanks). The tank leader, a F.B.I general with a cape, fires, six shells towards the monster. It knocks them aside and kills most of the drivers. Finally, a burly gunner sweating with a bloody gash on his arm holds a small pistol point-blank range to the monsters head: ''Ha! You're doomed now, beast!'' Suddenly, the monster's hot sticky tongue wraps around his shirt and messily devours him. The monster rips down the roadblocks and throbs on, devouring all in its way. In the town hall senators run screaming and running around the room. The Mayor's assistant says: ''Sir, a blob monster is eating every one!!!'' then goes completely berserk: ''Aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh!! A blob's going to eat us all and then eat everything in the world!!!!!!'' he screams as he runs out the door: ''I quit! Right... Better than getting eaten!'' As he runs past the gates the blob monster eats him. The monster lurches forward, but fearless red berets and brave marines holding rifles shoot at the beast, but the beast eats them. One Russian senator jumps out the window! The Mayor screams as the beast throws a book store at the Mayor's mansion, killing the last of the marines, red berets and some senators. Then the beast crushes the mansion. The beast marches on, destroying nation after nation and half the world. But then the monster was never seen again. But who knows where it might be hiding waiting to devour your flesh...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mouth of Saruon

Gee, I feel real sorry for THIS guy's dentist. Oh, also his teeth look like the gates of the underworld coming to greet you.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

screen shots from roblox

The defense of a sailbarge.
Me getting mobed by zombies.

The battle clone droid.

Here lies a game player... he got eaten by zombies offscreen.

Playing cowboy during the battle.

Heavy gunner me.

Up, up, and away!!!

Heavy gunners on the tattione front.

Time-stop battle.

Commander me.

Some screen shots from robox.

Friday, October 12, 2012

battle in the ruins of kiwon

the orc general: kiwon
a orc about to cut a kingdom guy down

an old trooper fighting an orc with a mace

two orcs attacking a helpless trooper

a orc captain charging a kingdom

a kingdom general about to fight off the orc charging him

a kingdom sapper trys to kill the orc captain but that orc archer might have other ideas...

this is a moc of a battle at the ruins of kiwon a kingdom that got ravaged by yonthar wildmen
the skirmish against the kingdom is led by the orc general kiwon (he later dies at the battle of guthail)