Friday, August 31, 2012

SWAT'S LAST STAND LEGO MOC (warning:lego blood) moc no. 2

The zombie horde as they climb over the road block.

Zombie riot trooper, zombie nobleman, zombie pizza delivery boy, and zombie eskimo.

A squad of three SWAT officers fighting off the zombie horde (I made the weapon the middle officer is holding from a YOUTUBE video.)

Note the two zombie soldiers in the front and back. (Yes, I did use a werewolf body for the second zombie attacking the fallen SWAT officer.)
Welcome to my second moc which I call: ''SWAT'S LAST STAND,'' in which three swat officers fight off a horde of undead (mechanic, driver, skier, punk, etc.) which has already managed to kill a fourth SWAT officer. I apologize for it being blurry; I will try to make it better in the future. In the part of the picture you cannot see, there is a crashed motrcyle and a parked car. In pic 2 the first swat officer is shooting his rifle, the purple is NOT part of the gun, in case you are wondering. The part other than the moc is my room also; I will add some of Matthew's and Kyle's mocs from time to time. I am glad about how the Lego swat shield worked out, although you cannot see it, in pic 4 it is there. I used a Lego handle and Lego series base for it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today I woke up, got breakfast, and serched for Lego custom zombies on eBay and played Poptropica. Then Matthew came. We played with Legos, then we had ice cream. I got chocolate fudge with Oreos. Then we went to Minghe's office and got some candy. Then I have Annie's Mac and cheese and have the rest of the candy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black Ops-Warfare (this content has nothing to do with the video games)(part 1 of 2)

At a army base James Hydren and Dave (not to be confused with the Dave in the ZOMBIE ATTACK MINI-SERIES) Urso walk through the base full of soliders to General White's desk: ''Good job taking out that terrorist base in Egypt,'' says Genaral White. Then suddenly a shot echoes through the base. General White pulls out a pistol and aims it at the noise. A guard runs backwards through the door as a bullet hits him in the chest: ''Aaggghhh!'' he screams as he falls dead. Then the door explodes, killing two soliders. A figure steps out clad in a helmet, goggles, and armor. He stands there, as his troops run past him holding handguns, aiming at General White and fires twice. General White falls dead: ''Terrorists!'' screams James, as he shoots a terrorist on a desk:' 'Let's get out of here," says Dave, as he shoots a terrorist in mid-air. ''Duck!'' screams James as a machine-gun terrorist fires and almost shoots Dave in the head. Dave aims his gun at the machine-gun terrorist, as he reloads and blasts him off the ledge: ''That's for trying to kill James, you fiend!'' he says, as James throws a grenade at a wall. It explodes. Dave and James  jump out of the hole and almost are nailed by two shots from a sniper. James and Dave jump on the heliocopter the sniper is on and shoot him in the arm and throw him out. Then they throw the heliopter pilot out and fly away from the shots from terrorists.  TO BE CONTINUED.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fellowship of the Ring.


Yesterday I saw The Fellowship of the Ring movie. It was awesome! My favorite part was the battle at the end where the heroes battle a bunch of Uruk-Hai being led by Lurtz, who in the end gets his left arm and gets stabbed and his head gets cut off. Also, I liked the battle in the Mines of Moria, where the heroes fight off a bunch of goblins and a cave troll!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to make a Lego police sniper and army specialist

1.Get police driver body.

2.Get flesh-colored hands.

3.Get custom sniper rifle.

4.Get flesh-colored Lego head.

5.ARMY SPECIALIST: Get Shadow or Specs heads from LEGO DINO ATTACK .

6.Get black body.

7.Get armor.

8.Get imperial officer helmet.

9.Get two custom Lego pistols.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My sleepover at my house

Yesterday I went to park day with mom. Sylvana was not there but there was a kid named Jackson so I went with him with my mom and his mom. We saw these deep big claw marks on trees. We did a lot of exercise so mom said it would be enough for two days! Then I went to my house and read: ''Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead'' and looked at and played Grabatron (you throw cars, people, and rocks as a UFO).
Then Matthew came for the sleepover. We watched Ninjago but during it mom gave me and Kyle popsicles that made us hyper. After we got to bed we talked about ways to kill each other. Later I got a cough and did not get very much sleep. I woke up, got some books and went into Matthew's room and woke him up. We turned on the lights and read. Mom woke up and gave us the Ipad then we dueled with light swords. I built a barracde then I got out and Matthew and Kyle had to go to their swim class. Once they were gone I started relaxing had some cheese puffs and Mom and I got Steve's mail. Dad showed up and we got to the train station and got to San Fransisco.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My First Moc Online (moc no. 1)

Army gunner minifigure I made with nabbo pilot (old version) body and spy-clops head. I have to say I think this is a good custom.

Two survivors. The one on the left will be one of the main characters in my webcomic .

A zombifed army pilot attacking a hapless soldier,
while an army gunner shoots bullets from his submachine gun at the zombie.

three dead zombies

the zombie horde with zombie janitor, zombie astronaut, zombie a.d.u. trooper, and even a zombie jester
I made this three weeks ago and took a few pictures of it. It has since been broken for pieces for upcoming mocs, but it it turned out GREAT! Look at image four --the survivor on the left will be in my upcoming webcomic. I like the way the army gunner looks (see image five) with the big submachine gun. He looks great! I think this scene is very cool, with a medium amount of zombies, but I have a LOT more in my room. STAY TUNED EVERY FRIDAY FOR NEW MOCS!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my day at two of dad's librarys

This morning i woke up and we got to the car and drove to sam frensisco. When we got to the law library i played some of my ipad games it was  we went to very very boring. We went to dad's other library i had mac and cheese and orange juice and then i watched some lego videos in fact,  right now i am watching tutorial on how to make lego death troopers(zombie clones) part two on youtube

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The day I got a shot OR the day I lost a tooth

Today I woke up and had chocolate chip pancakes (mom makes good chocolate chip pancakes) and went to the doctor and I got a hepatitis A shot. Then I lost a tooth and put it in a container. Then we picked up matthew, and we went to 7-11 and got Slurpees and went to Paul's art class! I made a picture I call: ''Stickman Bandit vs Stickman Gangsters Massacre'' with stickmen bandits and stickmen gangsters killing each other. A masterpiece I call it. Minge picked us up and I got to play DAYS 2 DIE. The image above is from it. Then we had pizza, and I went home.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to make a Lego zombie survivor and three zombies

1. Get tough Lego head.
2. Get Lego custom army helmet from and
3. Get Lego Dino Attack body
4.make lego shotgun(how to make lego shotgun: get lego alien defence unit trooper gun and put lego binoclurs on or get a custom one.)
5 ZOMBIE 1: Get custom blinky head from Google Shopping.
6 Get lumberjack body.
7 Get Lego axe.
8 ZOMBIE 2: Get series 1 zombie head.
9 Get Lego police officer body.
10.ZOMBIE 3: Get zombie driver head from Lego Monster Fighters.
11. Get Lego gangster body.
12. Get Lego revolver.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Dave shoots a zombie surgeon. The zombie surgeon moans: ''Ggggrrreeehhh...'' and falls dead. Suddenly a zombie soldier tries to strangle Dave with a lead bar, but Dave jumps behind the zombie and kicks him into a toxic waste container. The zombie soldier turns around screaming: ''Gggggrrrrhhhhh!!!!'' and charges, only to get shot repeatedly and fall over dead. Dave sees a zombie security guard jumping out at him. Dave shoots off the zombie's arm with a shotgun and then shoots the zombie in the chest, reloads and hears a angry groan. He turns around to see a huge zombie covered with muscle. It is a zombifed Dr. John Hutson. He has red eyes and fangs and screams. Zombie Dr. John Hutson grabs a military jeep and throws it at Dave but Dave dodges because, luckly, in school, Dave was an expert in dodge ball, then he shoots the zombie in the head twice but the zombie is still alive. Dave pulls out a  multi-shot rifle and shoots the zombie four times and then finally pulls out a stick of dynamite and throws it at the roof  over the zombie. The huge zombie screams: ''Ggggeeeerrrrhhhh!" as the roof over him falls on him... and several buckets of highly-explosive liquid. Seeing this, Dave jumps through a window just in time as the base explodes!!!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Park Day of death

Yesterday I went to park day where me and Sylvana made a rope swing and used it. This little girl was upset and we were going to talk to her but she did not let us, so we got scooters and chased her. I dueled Sylvana's brother. Then a lot of people got into a group including me. Then some crazy kid ran around us with a jump rope and every one fell down! I had a rope on top of my neck and I was sitting on top of another kid. Then mom and I went to our house.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I will do my blog about today tomorrow. And I am going to start doing a moc (Lego scene) every Friday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

my last day at greek camp

Today was my last day at greek camp. I came in, then saw a kid playing grabatron in which you lift people up and drop them to their dooms or just throw a  rock, car, etc. I once killed three police officers, then went up and got mowed down by machine gun fire. Anyway then we completed our temples and had lunch. Then we finished our statues (mine is a statue of a cyclops).

Inventors I want to kill by Guest Blogger Matthew

1. The inventor of long loading computers
2. The inventor of markers
3.The inventor of hard levels in video games

How to make a Lego zombie survivor and three zombies

1.Get tough Lego head.
2.Put it on LEGO DINO body.
3.Get helmet from and
4. Get Lego shot gun (if you want to know how to make it get a LEGO ALIEN ATTACK alien defence unit trooper gun and put binoclurs on it or use custom ones).
5.ZOMBIE 1: Get ''blinky'' zombie head from google shopping.
6.Put it on lumber jack body.
7.Get Lego axe.
8.ZOMBIE 2: Get series 1 zombie head.
9. Get police officer body.
10. Get police officer cap.
11. ZOMBIE 3: Get zombie driver head from Lego Monster Fighters.
12.Get Lego gangster body.
13.Get Lego pistol

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my first to last day at greek camp

yeoman zombie one of my favorite pirates of the caribbean zombies

 Today Rita (my babysitter) drove me to Greek camp. When we got there I took off my shoes and back pack. Then we made the rest of our temple. Me and another kid did pictures of centaurs geting killed by Greeks. Then we played running and bean bag toss. Then we heard the Icarus and Dedalus myth and then we had a game of telephone. It started as: 'Alexander the Great had a horse named (whatever they named it) and liked to ride him into battle'' but ended as: ''Alexander pooed on a wall'' (if you are offended by this I did not invent this idea). Then Rita picked me up and me and Molly watched Pirates of the Carribean: Black Pearl. Darn Rita stopped it at the part where the skeleton pirates have just boarded the ship.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my second day at the greek camp PLUS upcoming webcomic

Today I woke up very early and THIS time we did not get lost. When we got there we had a walk then I got to the camp and took off my shoes then I went in and had this really good honey mixed with yogurt with grapes and watermelon and went to the park and had lunch. Went inside and started making our models of a Greek temple. Then our teacher told us about greek sculpture and showed us a photo of  nude athlete. We made statues. I did one of Poliphemus. Then we saw a video about Echo and Narcissus. Then I went home and got white cake with cookies and cream ice cream (as a reward for hard Olympic athletics).

I will be making a lego zombie webcomic called: ''Night of the Living Bricks.'' It will be about a group of survivors that must fight of the hordes of undead zombies and horrible mutants!

Monday, August 13, 2012

ZOMBIE ATTACK PART 2 (PART 2 OF 3) plus upcoming lego zombie attack moc plus plus my day

Dave (if you have no idea who the heck dave is see part 1) enters the military laboratory and is grabbed by a light-skined zombie in a hazermat suit which feebly attempts(the hazermat zombie got shot in the leg by another hazermat worker) to bite him on the arm. It fails when Dave hits the zombie across the face with his hand gun and kicks it into several containers of toxic waste. Before the hazermat zombie can get up Dave shoots it.
 He hears growling. He turns around to face a dark-skined zombie scientist holding a
small pole and charges, trying to whack Dave in the face, but Dave ducks, stabs a pocket knife into the zombie's chest and knocks it out with two blows to the head with a gun and a shot from a stun gun. Dave then locks the zombie in a metal room.  ''Gggrrratttyyhh!!'' the dark-skined zombie scientist moans. Dave then walks into a lab room where several green, blue, purple and orange glasses lie on shelves. While looking at the glasses he sees a zombie patient and zombie doctor sneaking up on him. He then  jumps over the zombies, who, if Dave was a second slower, would have grabbed him!  Dave pulls out a rapid-firing rifle and shoots the zombie doctor but the zombie patient manages to get out of range of the rapid-firing rifle and then lunges forward. But the walking wounded is shot in mid air by Dave. Then Dave walks toward the door with one thing in mind: destroy all zombies. CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE??? JUST STAY TUNED. 

Hello people i am going to be working on a HHHUUUGGGEEE lego custom zombie moc. It will have all/most of my undead looking figures and zombie survivors. It will have all my lego backgrounds and will have customs guns, survivors, zombies, etc. The post I will do on it will have pictures and videos. Expect it some time in the coming months.

I woke up early and me and mom went in the car and we tried to drive to this greek camp at a house but we got lost so I read my MARVEL MASTERWORKS: UNCANY X-MEN VOLUME 1 and the horror movie book I got at that hotel (see MY LAST DAY AT CAMP AND THE HOTEL OF DEATH). When we finally got there  the teacher was showing the other kids a picture of a temple, the Parthenon. I sat down and wrote my name on my notebook. Then the teacher told us some pretty interesting facts, like how if you put a book on the last step of the temple, if you go to the other side you can not see the  book. Then we went to the park and I got caught up in a conversation about Apple being better then pc (i am typing on a pc). Then we did an egg race (I had no idea they had that in the Olympics) and bean bag toss. Then we had SOUR orange popsicles (sour as in not a single drop of sugar at all) then mom picked me up and Matthew and Kyle came. Then we had a water fight.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


As most of you know or don't know, like those of you in summer school and summer camp, an upcoming film called THE HOBBIT will come out soon.  It will be about LORD OF THE RINGS. I cannot wait to know what the orc king looks like! He probably will be very ugly.
In four more days it will be the first day of school!!!  I suggest having alot of fun in those four days! Go to the pool! Relax in a hamock! Have fun!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indiana Nate and the Raiders of the Lost Sleepover

Yesterday, me, mom and Nanna Margaret went to a used book store. I got two comic books and at the last minte I saw MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD for WIIS, so I got it too. We got burritos and orange juice then Minghe picked me up. I went to Matthew's house then me, Matthew and Kyle watched SCOOBY DOO BE DO: PHANTASAUR. We went to bed and me and Kyle talked about his fantasy of having a millon clones with machine guns kill me. I went to sleep then woke up and we took out the IPAD and played it. We had breakfast and I left. I went home and played my new game, MAVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (part 1 of 3) warning: a tiny bit gory(in the picture not the story)

In Nevada Dr. John Huston walks into military laboratory. Radioactive workers wearing hazermat suits go by. Dr. John Huston walks into a laboratory where several workers gather around a body. The doctor comes in and a surgeon says: "This man is dying. We must save him.'' The doctor then mixes potion and venom together and puts the small battle in a injection gun. He then injects the patient. The patient's skin turns grey; his eyes turn into pulpless eyes; his fingernails grow into claws. Then suddenly he bites one surgeon. He attacks another surgeon but this man pulls out a small handgun which he shoots the surgeon with -- but the surgeon zombie is still alive. He shoots him two mores time. Then the zombie surgeon bites him. The zombies then infect the lab with the v-virus.

Suddenly we travel to an army base where young Soldier Dave is told by Sergent Rock to go kill every single infected person coming to the gate of the lab. Dave pulls out a pistol and suddenly! he sees a zombie, dark-skined zombie officer Drolling. Dave shoots the zombie in the  chest, arm, and head. When the zombie gets hit in the head with a bullet it screams: ''Gggghhhh!!!!'' and falls over dead. Suddenly Dave is jumped on by a hidden bald zombie officer with three bullet wounds in its chest. It moans: "ggghhhhrrryyhy!!!'' and attempts to choke Dave but Dave manages to point his revolver toward the zombie officer's chest and fires ten times. The zombie officer keels over and Dave enters the lab... continued in a three- post-long mini series ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (stay tune!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my day at Mom's library

Today i went to my mom's library. We got a parking place and went to the library. I could not go in the back because of some fiendish librarian, so I had to be in the place where every one else is. Mom set up NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: IS IT REAL?: VAMPIRES. It was very creepy.

Lucky they had wi-fi so I could use the internet.

Then my baby sitter Jesse and I went to a comic store, and I wanted zombie action figures but the owner did not have them but told me he would have some soon. We went to TOY BOAT SHOP, and I got mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter ice cream. It was a weird combination. Then we fed the ducks, pigeons, and sea gulls.

We went to the library, and I saw a kid play WHEELS AND ZOMBIES where you play a guy in a truck with a cannon on the side and blast zombies. We read and I blasted zombies (and zombies with chain saws) RESIDENT EVIL 4 MOBILE EDITION on my ipad and my mom and I got dinner.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My trip into grampa ray's domain

Today my mom woke me up at 5:50 and  we went to the airport and yep you guessed it I am writing this at the airport. Anyway Nana Margaret picked us up and we went on the plane and when we got there we got turkey sandwiches and went to Grandpa Ray's. I made a Lego set, and we went to a doughnut shop. We went to a Chinese dinner. I had rice and cake.

Monday, August 6, 2012


tomorrow we are going to have to wake up early. Also expect that I will have not done a blog during the plane ride which is an hour.


We find our heroes cutting down Trandosians and battle droids. A clone commando is cut in half by General Grievous. A group of clones try to charge him but Grievous slices a clone in half and chokes another and cuts another's arm and leg off. In space, Admiral Dao's fleet is blasting the separatist fleet. As another Republic ship explodes, Admiral Dao says to a clone officer: ''Get me Pablo Jill!'' As he walks into the command room where several clone officers and clone communication officers are, a clone says to him: ''Sir, we have made contact with Pablo Jill.'' A hologram of Pablo Jill appears on the hologram table. The hologram says: ''What is the problem, Dao?'' As he force-pushes a Trandosian into a wall, admiral Dao says: ''Nothing, but we will send some more forces to the plant.'' A separatist hailfire droid shoots a missile at a clone walker. The walker explodes! What will happen? Will our heroes be overrun by battle droids? Will our heroes prevail?

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yesterday me and my mom went to breakfast and then saw a guy in armor fight another guy. Some kids started calling him Lord Uglynose. We went to a place where we saw a guy who talked about mysteries and has made a few Sherlock Holmes books on tape. Then we had dinner. Later, we solved a mystery to do with aliens and life pods. We went to sleep, then I woke up and it was today. I got blinded by the sunlight and we got breakfast and mom packed up our stuff and then we had a LONG, LONG, LONG car ride. At dad's we stayed home and we went to bed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggg! And list of best video games i know

I just heard thunder and it's raining,
 also here is a blog post: list of  the best video games i know
1.captain amarica:super soldier
3.battle bears
4.kinnect star wars
5.zombie smash 

Friday, August 3, 2012

My last day at camp and the hotel of death

Today was the last day of my camp and we had donuts (in the morning!) and  then we played barrier ball it's like dodge ball with smaller balls that are harder then the dodge balls  I got hit twice. Then we went back and I watched lance and some other guys playing MAGIC THE GATHERING and he would not let me look at them(even thoghe I do not play my a favorite card is ZOMBIE INFECTION then me and some other kid attacked a big kid called mike(he is growing a beard) infortunately for us he knows STREET
FIGHTING and other types of kung fu plus even a big pillow with a ZIPPER did not stop him I even whacked his face reapedly with a pillow but it did nothing then we drove to a hotel during the ride killed several zombies in zombie smash then we got to the hotel and got are room then we got pizza and a DR PEPPER

Thursday, August 2, 2012

day before the last day at camp and the raiders of the lost water fight

Today was the day before the last day of camp. I brought a water gun and a change of clothes and then I read Calvin and Hobbes. We went out and watched a play -- it was about rock and roll and had a girl playing a time traveller (she mentioned zombie drummers which inspired me to do the picture). The bad guy turned out to be an alien. Then most of us went in the bathroom to change. Then we started blasting each other with water guns. Then we had a water battle against Nick's (with his bucket of water) team. It was brutal -- every one got soaked. Then when I had no sandals (due to them being very wet) I saw a kid who played a reporter in the play and talked in his own accent walking by. Then I got some crackers and went up in the loft and had a pillow fight. Then we did work jobs. Then my mom picked me up and we went to a swamp to look around. Then we went to Uncle Steve's place where I showed Nanna Margaret Scribblenauts (a game where you can create almost anything, good app) and we had mac and cheese then I went home and write this.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

things i will do before the summer is over

1.have ice cream sundae
2.stay in a hot tub for a half hour ipad in bath tub
4.have big pillow fight in back yard marvel movies all night till me and all my friends fall asleep
6.get resident evil and night of the living dead action figures