Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black Ops-Warfare (this content has nothing to do with the video games)(part 1 of 2)

At a army base James Hydren and Dave (not to be confused with the Dave in the ZOMBIE ATTACK MINI-SERIES) Urso walk through the base full of soliders to General White's desk: ''Good job taking out that terrorist base in Egypt,'' says Genaral White. Then suddenly a shot echoes through the base. General White pulls out a pistol and aims it at the noise. A guard runs backwards through the door as a bullet hits him in the chest: ''Aaggghhh!'' he screams as he falls dead. Then the door explodes, killing two soliders. A figure steps out clad in a helmet, goggles, and armor. He stands there, as his troops run past him holding handguns, aiming at General White and fires twice. General White falls dead: ''Terrorists!'' screams James, as he shoots a terrorist on a desk:' 'Let's get out of here," says Dave, as he shoots a terrorist in mid-air. ''Duck!'' screams James as a machine-gun terrorist fires and almost shoots Dave in the head. Dave aims his gun at the machine-gun terrorist, as he reloads and blasts him off the ledge: ''That's for trying to kill James, you fiend!'' he says, as James throws a grenade at a wall. It explodes. Dave and James  jump out of the hole and almost are nailed by two shots from a sniper. James and Dave jump on the heliocopter the sniper is on and shoot him in the arm and throw him out. Then they throw the heliopter pilot out and fly away from the shots from terrorists.  TO BE CONTINUED.

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