Monday, August 6, 2012


We find our heroes cutting down Trandosians and battle droids. A clone commando is cut in half by General Grievous. A group of clones try to charge him but Grievous slices a clone in half and chokes another and cuts another's arm and leg off. In space, Admiral Dao's fleet is blasting the separatist fleet. As another Republic ship explodes, Admiral Dao says to a clone officer: ''Get me Pablo Jill!'' As he walks into the command room where several clone officers and clone communication officers are, a clone says to him: ''Sir, we have made contact with Pablo Jill.'' A hologram of Pablo Jill appears on the hologram table. The hologram says: ''What is the problem, Dao?'' As he force-pushes a Trandosian into a wall, admiral Dao says: ''Nothing, but we will send some more forces to the plant.'' A separatist hailfire droid shoots a missile at a clone walker. The walker explodes! What will happen? Will our heroes be overrun by battle droids? Will our heroes prevail?

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