Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my day at Mom's library

Today i went to my mom's library. We got a parking place and went to the library. I could not go in the back because of some fiendish librarian, so I had to be in the place where every one else is. Mom set up NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: IS IT REAL?: VAMPIRES. It was very creepy.

Lucky they had wi-fi so I could use the internet.

Then my baby sitter Jesse and I went to a comic store, and I wanted zombie action figures but the owner did not have them but told me he would have some soon. We went to TOY BOAT SHOP, and I got mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter ice cream. It was a weird combination. Then we fed the ducks, pigeons, and sea gulls.

We went to the library, and I saw a kid play WHEELS AND ZOMBIES where you play a guy in a truck with a cannon on the side and blast zombies. We read and I blasted zombies (and zombies with chain saws) RESIDENT EVIL 4 MOBILE EDITION on my ipad and my mom and I got dinner.


  1. the big monster in the picture is el giante from resadent evil

  2. i love wirless,free RESADENT EVIL games


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