Saturday, August 25, 2012

My sleepover at my house

Yesterday I went to park day with mom. Sylvana was not there but there was a kid named Jackson so I went with him with my mom and his mom. We saw these deep big claw marks on trees. We did a lot of exercise so mom said it would be enough for two days! Then I went to my house and read: ''Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead'' and looked at and played Grabatron (you throw cars, people, and rocks as a UFO).
Then Matthew came for the sleepover. We watched Ninjago but during it mom gave me and Kyle popsicles that made us hyper. After we got to bed we talked about ways to kill each other. Later I got a cough and did not get very much sleep. I woke up, got some books and went into Matthew's room and woke him up. We turned on the lights and read. Mom woke up and gave us the Ipad then we dueled with light swords. I built a barracde then I got out and Matthew and Kyle had to go to their swim class. Once they were gone I started relaxing had some cheese puffs and Mom and I got Steve's mail. Dad showed up and we got to the train station and got to San Fransisco.

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