Friday, August 24, 2012

My First Moc Online (moc no. 1)

Army gunner minifigure I made with nabbo pilot (old version) body and spy-clops head. I have to say I think this is a good custom.

Two survivors. The one on the left will be one of the main characters in my webcomic .

A zombifed army pilot attacking a hapless soldier,
while an army gunner shoots bullets from his submachine gun at the zombie.

three dead zombies

the zombie horde with zombie janitor, zombie astronaut, zombie a.d.u. trooper, and even a zombie jester
I made this three weeks ago and took a few pictures of it. It has since been broken for pieces for upcoming mocs, but it it turned out GREAT! Look at image four --the survivor on the left will be in my upcoming webcomic. I like the way the army gunner looks (see image five) with the big submachine gun. He looks great! I think this scene is very cool, with a medium amount of zombies, but I have a LOT more in my room. STAY TUNED EVERY FRIDAY FOR NEW MOCS!!!

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