Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to make a Lego zombie survivor and three zombies

1.Get tough Lego head.
2.Put it on LEGO DINO body.
3.Get helmet from and
4. Get Lego shot gun (if you want to know how to make it get a LEGO ALIEN ATTACK alien defence unit trooper gun and put binoclurs on it or use custom ones).
5.ZOMBIE 1: Get ''blinky'' zombie head from google shopping.
6.Put it on lumber jack body.
7.Get Lego axe.
8.ZOMBIE 2: Get series 1 zombie head.
9. Get police officer body.
10. Get police officer cap.
11. ZOMBIE 3: Get zombie driver head from Lego Monster Fighters.
12.Get Lego gangster body.
13.Get Lego pistol

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