Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my second day at the greek camp PLUS upcoming webcomic

Today I woke up very early and THIS time we did not get lost. When we got there we had a walk then I got to the camp and took off my shoes then I went in and had this really good honey mixed with yogurt with grapes and watermelon and went to the park and had lunch. Went inside and started making our models of a Greek temple. Then our teacher told us about greek sculpture and showed us a photo of  nude athlete. We made statues. I did one of Poliphemus. Then we saw a video about Echo and Narcissus. Then I went home and got white cake with cookies and cream ice cream (as a reward for hard Olympic athletics).

I will be making a lego zombie webcomic called: ''Night of the Living Bricks.'' It will be about a group of survivors that must fight of the hordes of undead zombies and horrible mutants!

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