Monday, August 13, 2012

ZOMBIE ATTACK PART 2 (PART 2 OF 3) plus upcoming lego zombie attack moc plus plus my day

Dave (if you have no idea who the heck dave is see part 1) enters the military laboratory and is grabbed by a light-skined zombie in a hazermat suit which feebly attempts(the hazermat zombie got shot in the leg by another hazermat worker) to bite him on the arm. It fails when Dave hits the zombie across the face with his hand gun and kicks it into several containers of toxic waste. Before the hazermat zombie can get up Dave shoots it.
 He hears growling. He turns around to face a dark-skined zombie scientist holding a
small pole and charges, trying to whack Dave in the face, but Dave ducks, stabs a pocket knife into the zombie's chest and knocks it out with two blows to the head with a gun and a shot from a stun gun. Dave then locks the zombie in a metal room.  ''Gggrrratttyyhh!!'' the dark-skined zombie scientist moans. Dave then walks into a lab room where several green, blue, purple and orange glasses lie on shelves. While looking at the glasses he sees a zombie patient and zombie doctor sneaking up on him. He then  jumps over the zombies, who, if Dave was a second slower, would have grabbed him!  Dave pulls out a rapid-firing rifle and shoots the zombie doctor but the zombie patient manages to get out of range of the rapid-firing rifle and then lunges forward. But the walking wounded is shot in mid air by Dave. Then Dave walks toward the door with one thing in mind: destroy all zombies. CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE??? JUST STAY TUNED. 

Hello people i am going to be working on a HHHUUUGGGEEE lego custom zombie moc. It will have all/most of my undead looking figures and zombie survivors. It will have all my lego backgrounds and will have customs guns, survivors, zombies, etc. The post I will do on it will have pictures and videos. Expect it some time in the coming months.

I woke up early and me and mom went in the car and we tried to drive to this greek camp at a house but we got lost so I read my MARVEL MASTERWORKS: UNCANY X-MEN VOLUME 1 and the horror movie book I got at that hotel (see MY LAST DAY AT CAMP AND THE HOTEL OF DEATH). When we finally got there  the teacher was showing the other kids a picture of a temple, the Parthenon. I sat down and wrote my name on my notebook. Then the teacher told us some pretty interesting facts, like how if you put a book on the last step of the temple, if you go to the other side you can not see the  book. Then we went to the park and I got caught up in a conversation about Apple being better then pc (i am typing on a pc). Then we did an egg race (I had no idea they had that in the Olympics) and bean bag toss. Then we had SOUR orange popsicles (sour as in not a single drop of sugar at all) then mom picked me up and Matthew and Kyle came. Then we had a water fight.

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