Saturday, September 1, 2012


When I was still in school I was sitting at a table plotting what to do. Suddenly, I hear a bunch of screams. I look out and a big rat runs towards me so I do the only thing possible to do at the time: scream!!! ''Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!! a rat!'' I scream, then everyone starts screaming—teenagers, kindergartners, random kids that were playing, kids going back from the lunchroom and every one in between. Then the teachers run out screaming louder then everyone else already was! Not that many kids stopped, though. Now for the other incident.

THE CROW INCIDENT: I was talking to some kids about video games when I heard a crow. At first thought I thought it might be outside (they were crows outside, mind you) but then I heard another caw closer and I looked up and guess what I saw... a black crow sitting there close to some electric guy fixing something I said: ''What?! A crow!'' Two of the kids, I think they were Tag(my Indian friend) and Luca, looked up and saw it too: ''Wow...'' said Tag. ''Weird,'' said Luca. Then some lunch lady called us up and I am not one to miss mac and cheese. (Bonus rat story: did you know that I might have seen the same rat before? I was just riding my bike with dad minding my own business when I saw a live rat sitting on the ground... but it did NOT move. I almost ran it over but skidded to the side just in time!)

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