Monday, April 30, 2012

know your monster:living dinosaurs

Okay, I am a little paranoid because this is the last day of cryptid month. So I am doing a blog about living dinos. Anyway, I will start with the Pterodactyls. They are many Pterasaurs sightings so I will focus on the two main ones. The first is Kongamoto, meaning ''overwhelmer of boats.'' He is the more aggressive of the two. It attacks people. In 1925 a native went into its teritory and was attacked and wounded by a giant flying thing. When he was shown a picture of a Pterodactyl he ran away screaming like a little girl. It has been known to kill people. The more gentle of the two is the Ropen. It glows with yellow light and does not attack anybody. It eats human flesh and dead bodies and fish. Now for Nguma-monene. While this adventurer dude was looking for Mokele-membe (see my post about Mokele-membe!) he saw it, and after a little while it left. Then some guy said he saw it kill an animal without even leaving a kill mark. It could be a Spinosaurus. And now for the Beast of Busco. It is a giant snapping turtle. In 1898 some farmer saw it and told some other people about it. But then just forgot about it altogether. Then half a centrury later some people saw it in the same lake as before. Now for the one and only Moa! When people first got to New Zealand they saw Moas but some time beween the late 1600s and the early 1800s they became extinct. But in the 1840s some bird painter saw it (go figure!). His feet desription looked exactly like a fossilized Moa's foot. And now for the grand finale...the Elwetritsh! It looks like a chicken with antlers with breasts. I cannot get much more information than that.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Know your monster: kasai rex

If any t-rexes are real it probably is kasai rex. In 1932 some guy and his helper saw a rhino and the helper was about to drive out of the way when a beast that looked like a t-rex attacked and killed the rhino and ate it. The servent ran away and the other guy drove away. It could be an allosaur. It could have been a t-rex frozen in ice, or maybe got burried in water and the water got frozen. (kasai rex fact: two guys took pics. One was just a picture of a dead rhino with a cut-out of a t-rex.)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Know your monster: wendigo

I'm glad to present a new thing to cryptid month- videos! I will put them on some new and old posts from cryptids month. This very post will be the first to have a video in it! Anyway, here is stuff you need to know so you are not eaten alive: They are like zombies you usually see in movies like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEER, THE KILLER ZOMBIE BUNNIES and HELLO, YOU ARE DEAD. Of course all of those movies do not exist but just to prove my point. Anyway, they live in forests so be careful. And they are canibals: this is good if there is more then one of them.

Friday, April 27, 2012

know your monster:the theis lake monster

meet the cretre from the black lagoon his hollywood cousin twice ramoved
the thies lake monster is one of my farites cryptieds because he looks like the creatre from the black lagoon he has been seen twice first two teens saw it and one claimed he got srached  by it and the other timeoh i forgot anyway he is cool

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do Terminators Scream?

Today I was looking at the Termintor wiki (i just got a t-700 (a Terminator foot soldier) Terminator toy yesterday) and I looked at this picture and thought: ''Wow I wonder if Terminators can scream?'' because in one movie this Terminator is getting hit by a pole. It looks like it is screaming. So now I do think most of them (not including the meat grinder or spider robot) can scream.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Know your monster: the Burmuda Beast

The Burmuda Beast is a beast said to live in the Burmuda Triangle. It is bigger than any artillary carriers and army jets that you see by FAR (my dad is totally obsessed with tanks, but I like the Burmuda Beast) and it can get a jet or plane right into the sea by just knocking it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the day i got an ipad

i am so happy! today my mom got me a ipad i was so exited i got it i downlaoded stupeid ninjas and all kill amost rihet awae i hope i can down load more soon! i canot wait!! i also cannot wait to play more!

know your monster: the Pope Lick Monster

[Drawn from Wikipedia]The Pope Lick monster has used Pope Lick River to lure pepole to their doom! (cue bloody music). Here is the Pope Lick monster's hunting ground: half-man half-goat haunts the trestle. The half-man half-goat hybrid has the grotesquely (I have no idea what this word means, please tell me) deformed body of a guy, fur-covered goat legs, an alabaster (i have no idea waht this means to) skinned face, no nose I think, and wide-set eyes, and two horns. His hair color matches his fur color. Do not look into his eyes because he can hypnotize you and mimic voices (like me, I can make great imitations of owls and wind). Do not go onto the train! If you hear the vocie of a loved one asking for help it will be most likely the Pope Lick monster. If you are dumb enough to go onto the train track, you will either be run down by a train or plunge the 100 foot height to your death. He also may attack you with a bloodstained axe or will pelt you with stones and make scary noises (Pope Lick monster tip: there is a Pope Lick Goatman too. If you want to avoid him, or see him, look at my "Know your monster: the Pope Lick Goatman" blog post coming soon to my blog!)        

Monday, April 23, 2012

Know your monster:batsquatch

Batquatch's first sighting on Poptropica
If you see something that looks like a bat but is much bigger it may be a batsquatch! In May 1980 during the eruption of Mount Saint Helens it was seen in some clouds from the eruption. This could say that the batsquatch lives in volcanos or just likes them. In 1994 a local guy and a shop owner got some pictures of the beast. Oh, and just a tip: the batsqush has purple wings.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The coolest custom paintball masks

1.Lizard mask
2.Darth Vader
4.Evil alien

You guys are probably thinking :''Oh wow, another blog post about paintball!!'' But I think I have paintball on the brain. Anyway let's just get on target, so here are some masks I think you might want to look at some. Like them? I think I'll tell you how to make custom paintball masks soon.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are Halo masks and paintball helmets the same design?

Today I was siting in a chair reading a Simpsons comic and started to realize how much those cool paintball masks look like those guys in Halo. Halo masks look like paintball masks a lot. I got the idea from a video of bigfoot with a paintball gun (I love the guy that did it and I've only watched him for one day) and I am going too have a paint ball birthday party when I turn 11 (in two years) just to tell those of you who want to attend it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

know your monster:gator man

Gator Man sounds like a horror movie title right? NO! It is a monster that in the summer of 1973 the people of new jersey were plagued by, which people said looked like a humanoid gator. Some guy compared it with a native legend about a man-sized fish that could not be caught and guess what -- it looked a lot like it!!! It has not been seen in a long time, but I think it is still around.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Know your Monster: Mothman

The citizens of Point Pleasant, West Virginia still fear that Mothman might return. Back in 1966, a giant winged beast, its red eye's aglow, swooped to the ground more than 100 times. Its presence was accompanied by minor disasters and, finally, doom. At its last sighting a bridge collapsed killing 46 people! After this the winged beast was not seen ever again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

know your monster: kelpies

Kelpies look like a seahorse. They are black and white. They will appear to be a lost pony but can be identified by its constantly dripping mane. Its skin is like a seal's, smooth, but is as cold as death when touched. They are known into transform into beautiful women to lure men into their traps. It lures humans, especially children, into the water to drown and eat them. It performs this act by encouraging children to ride on its back. Once its victims fall into its trap the kelpie's skin becomes"adhesive" and it bears them into the river, dragging them to the bottom of the water and devouring them, except the heart or liver. (do not pet it too if you do the only way to save yourself is to cut of your own hand)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

know your monster: mokele-mbembe

real live dino???
If any Apatosaurus is still alive mokele-mbembe is probably it. In 1776 some people saw its three-claw tracks and sightings of the animal in the green jungle swamp have been going on for more then a century. Mokele-mbembe's size is said to be between that of a hippo and an elephant. All the eyewittness agree that it has smooth grayish-brown skin tone, a long neck, a long tail like a croc's, and a small head topped of with a horn or frill like a rooster. It eats plants but will kill those who approach too near, and it is said that Mokele-mbembe sleeps on a bed of elepants tusks. (Mokele-mbembe tip: the name Mokele-mbembe means the one ''who stops the flow of the rivers.'') (top tip: PELSE do not eat it's meat in storises the natves told of fow some pepole killed one and it took days to cut apart and all that ate it died) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

know your monster:living mummies

Japanese mummies
Go Karloff, go!
You're at the movie theater. On the screen the mummy's standing still. A shapo is looking at some paper then suddenly!!the mummy grabs the shapo. The shapo screams loudly then the screen goes to a wall. You see the shadow of the shapo being killed on the wall! But could this dream be reality? Maybe. Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered King Tut. Lord Carnarvon died after digging up Tut. They said he died of a ''mosquito bite'' and his dog died instantly and some people who helped dig King Tut up died too. And the ghost of Khufu haunts the Valley of the Kings.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Battle of tooth and claw

Lupin as a werewolf
Black as a werewolf
Yesterday I watched HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. My favorite part was when Serious Black and Professor Lupin turn into werewolves and start attacking each other. It was awesome seeing them jump on each other, claws flashing! It was a totally awesome duel with lots of claws and blood! It only lasted about 6 minutes but still!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Know your monster: bunyip

The name bunyip sounds like a adorable pet, right? Wrong! The bunyip is a blood-thirsty beast though no one has actually seen one. Yet people have found some of their bones. In 1818 they found some, then in 1830. In 1845 was the first written use of the word bunyip. In 1847 some museum put a skeleton on display. In 1852 some wrote did a account of bunyips. Anyway I think it is cool and I hope you like it too.

Friday, April 13, 2012

know your monster: aliens

Aliens are really strange monsters. A lot of people have seen them. Some aliens claim to be from Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. Some look like rats with buck teeth, some look like bug-eyed goats, and some look like a human with black hair and really buggy eyes. H.G. Wells made aliens popular with his April Fool's joke, but there have been two movies of ''The War of the Worlds.'' They are really good! The mysterious Area 51 is said to do surgery on aliens or even be an alien hang out! The Men in Black are said to take some evidence from people. Some think they are clones or aliens themselves!

know your monster:the montauk monster

this is a tiny bit gross
obama meets montauk monster!
montauk monster?
montauk monster's broater???
on july12 '2008 three guys saw a strange dead anamal at ditch plains beach a good surf place i thinck

Thursday, April 12, 2012

known your monster: the honey island swamp monster

Are you ready for a tale of spine chilling horror? Ready? Sure? Yes? Ok! Here you go: one guy and his best friend were looking for an abandoned camp they saw from a heliocopter in the air. They walked in to a clearing and were VERY suprised at what they saw in front of them. It was a big monster! It head them and faced them. It stood up, and ran back into a bush. The two friends found only its tracks. Then in 1974 (they saw it in 1973) they went back there to hunt ducks, and they saw a trail of dead boars (cue omnious music). They followed the dead boars until they came upon a freshly killed boar (bum bum bum!) and saw foot prints that looked like the ones they saw the year before! They made cast foot prints later that night. After a little bit Ted Williams claimed he saw it a lot. Ted Williams has not been seen to this day since he disappeared in the deeper part of the Honey Island Swamp. (Honey Island Swamp monster fact: it reeks of the smell of death).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

know your monster:the dover demon

the dover devil is a monster seen on three separate occasions during a 25 hour period in the town of dover (you can say the longer name if you like) on april 21 and april 22 the first sighting of it was by 3 17 year old boys near a bar the kids headlights illuminated it they thouht it was a cat or dog but on closer examanation they saw it was a gray-like alien thing crawling on a stone wall an hour later it was seen by john baxter and pete mitchell when they were waking home (i know it was so dull back then!) the next day two kids were driving and saw it on the side of the road (it got its name from reporters )