Friday, August 3, 2012

My last day at camp and the hotel of death

Today was the last day of my camp and we had donuts (in the morning!) and  then we played barrier ball it's like dodge ball with smaller balls that are harder then the dodge balls  I got hit twice. Then we went back and I watched lance and some other guys playing MAGIC THE GATHERING and he would not let me look at them(even thoghe I do not play my a favorite card is ZOMBIE INFECTION then me and some other kid attacked a big kid called mike(he is growing a beard) infortunately for us he knows STREET
FIGHTING and other types of kung fu plus even a big pillow with a ZIPPER did not stop him I even whacked his face reapedly with a pillow but it did nothing then we drove to a hotel during the ride killed several zombies in zombie smash then we got to the hotel and got are room then we got pizza and a DR PEPPER

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