Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flashbacks and suicide ghosts

Some people say they have flashbacks. They can be modern or in some other time period. They are either in their past lives or are seeing as some one else or like getting teleported. But do not think in a historical park that you are having a flashback, okay? Suicide ghosts are ghosts some people see in flashback. They kill themselves in the flashback usually. It is often like a Shakspeare play. However some people don't see them in flashbacks and they can be anywhere if the ghost draws blood from its self. You can sometimes see the blood in the morning if you do take a pic.

Friday, June 29, 2012

the battle of kashkky part 1

it is dawn on kashkky traders and workers from all over the galaxy gather to trade and get jobs in the busy kashkky market place and cantina when suddenly thousends of trandoshon and sepritists ships apper blasting the ground the ships land and hundreds of trandoshs and battle droid chage out blasting every thing in sight wookie genaral uro turns on his comlink to the jedi council he says: ''master yoda we need imident aid they are thousends of trandoshens and seprits ships we need help* (translated from wookie) master yoda says i will send jedi and clones to your plant i will'' ''thank you master yoda'' says genaral uro he is the not the only person to contact the jedi council for master io assined to look over the wookies before slices down a super battle droid and shouts in to his comlink: ''master yoda i need renforsments!'' then as he is distracted a red trandoshen named shor shots master io in the belly twice killing him instintly his clone commander deck runs over to his genaral to see if he is alive the he is shot in the head by a trandoshen sniper then repblic ships land as thousends of clones and jedi run out on the deck of the sepritist command ship genaral grivous and trandoshon slaver kkk-nee stand at the command deck grivous says: ''deploy grapple battle droids and b3 ultra battle droids and the flitch battle droids!'' next: will the jedi win against a army of trandoshen assains and battle droids stay tuned!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

i saw a spider king in minecraft

Today my friend was playing minecraft on his computer next to me and I saw a spider with a small crown on its head. It duplicated into a spider and my friend had to retreat. It had a lot of eyes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

things I did at id tech camp

I am going to id tech camp and today Rita got lost and mom had to pay 20 bucks for making her one hour late for work. There was a mosquito on the roof of the car. This is what I had for lunch: two double chocolate cookies, a slice of pizza, a hamburger, a sierra mist, and vanilla and chocolate ice cream. We were talking about invisible stuff when i was going to say something. I was holding my plate for fun and had drunk a swig of sierra mist, and it went up my nose! I had to snort it out. Then we left and I went back to working on Alien Attack 7 (not available in stores) and playing Armagetron Advanced. Then we went outside like everybody and went on the field. I went off to play more video games. I played zombies vs penguins. Then we went back and did more stuff then we went out and I heard  my name called. I went to Rita she gave some food to one of the instructors. Then we went to Minghe's house, and I had some left over cake then went in and I played Kinect Star Wars. I played a rancor and once took a guy and smashed him in to the ground HARD. Then I drank some lemonade.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

is the zombie maker thing in haunted house quest still available?

i  was talking to this girl and she told me about this zombify thing and i wondered if it is still available in the shop? please tell me please if you can.

Monday, June 25, 2012

my mom and the doodling ghost

i am not doing this post today so i am letting my mom have this one today. (stay tuned for my teachers' stories yaa!)

"This is a mysterious experience my parents told me about, which happened when I was about 2 years old. I don't remember it myself. One day my mom left me in my crib to take a nap. The crib was against the wall near the door. When she returned I was still asleep in the crib, which was in the same place, but on the opposite side of the room, on the wall, there were lots of colorful scribblings done in crayon! My parents could never understand how or what had happened. Had I moved the crib around the room, drawn on the wall, then returned the crib to its original position? Could I climb in and out of the crib without anyone knowing?? Or was it something else? This is a strange experience, with no way to know the truth."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

paranormal experiences hall of horror

1.THE BELL WITCH (going to write about in monster month2 get just the facts)
12. EL CHUPACBRAS REIGN OF TEEROR (a reign of terror only if you are a cow or goat or bird or sheep, etc.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My 3rd sleepover

Yesterday was my third sleepover. We played on Matthew's DS and my Ipad and Wii then mom made us go to sleep. It was hard for me since Matthew's elbow sometimes knocked me in the jaw and once Matthew even sneezed on my face. After a while I woke up and tried to wake up Matthew but he was too sleepy so I waited and finally he woke up. We got books out and read them till mom came in and we played video games then me and Matthew made a bunch of custom Lego zombies then mom made us go out so we did. Then dad showed up and we went to see AVENGERS in 3D. We went in and immediately went to the arcade and played Terminator a little bit then went and got a blue, and two red icees and got two pizzas. We went to the movie theater, watched the ads, then watched the movie. It was pretty cool with lots of blood and killing then we went and dad made me eat some of these gross sour candies. Then we went to Matthew's and played Connect Star Wars. It was little hard since it thought I was left handed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

sci fi hall of fame

1.THE TERMINATOR the first terminator ever!
2.THE FLY a guy whose body has a fly's head and a fly's body
3.THE MARTIAN LEADER the alien that used a robotic hand to kill the president (in Mars Attacks)
4.GODZILLA a survivor of the dinosaur race
5.WOLFMAN whether he's the first werewolf in a movie I don't know
6.T.R.I.P. the terminator that got close to killing john coner

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

werewolves? the grim reaper? ufos? bigfoots? all in one sitting!

one of the sightings

okay so in 1974 they are these people that are studying these ufo sightings that are different because ''ape men'' are seen near the ufos and one day these farmers and these twins are looking around and see a huge bubble-like thing and it makes sound like if you turned on a giant lawn mower and one of the twins says: ''look!'' and they see these bigfoot things and the farmer fires over their heads and they keep coming and he shoots the big one in the chest and the bigfoot raises its hands toward the small one then goes into a bush and the farmer and one of the twins get eye irritation and call some ufo expert that comes and then the guy starts rubbing his head then growled and attacks like a cross of between a bigfoot and a werewolf  and then is just about to attack one of them when he falls down and they see the guy in a black hat and cape has the weapon of the grim reaper and he says: ''if man doesn't straightin up then the end will come soon! the whole world will burn!''

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my day

today i woke up and mom made me go to this home school group. then Matthew came over and we played on my ipad and he told me about this portable game system he has in his pant's pocket. then we went to hillsdale mall and got LEGO BATMAN2:DC SUPER HEROS the first day it is out which is today for both of us and then we had cookies and matthew and mom and me all went home and i played LEGO BATMAN:2DC SUPER HEROS nonstop for 3 hours WHEW...

Monday, June 18, 2012

tips on how to get images of the unexplained

1.take camera, phone, ipad, or hidden cameras with you at all time 2. take pics like a lunatic. see if there is anything in them 3. go out in haunted places and record in the morning and night. listen to it and see if there is any noise mixed in like ''mercy!'' ''no!!'' and ''help me!!!''  4. get an automatic camera to have with you so if you can not move you can get a pic that may show the ghost 5. hide a camera in a bird house or boat or bridge to take pictures of late night ghosts. you can probably not stay up all night chasing them since they have not gotten sleepy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

how to make hoaxes

Yes! Yesterday's post was magicpiranha's 200th post. I did not think I would make it this far so heck why not tell you how to make hoaxs and have a more interesting life? People have been doing hoaxes for hundreds of years--remember the trojan horse? The big warriors were in it and one told the enemy they had won, then the enemy took the trojan horse inside and when everyone was asleep the warrior came out and killed the enemy. And there was a time when this guy sent a picture of him with his cat that he had made look HUGE! to his daughter and she sent it to her friends and they sent it to theirs again until almost everybody knew about it. They are too many others than I can list. There are plenty of places online that you can post your hoaxs on like Weekly World News where you can post anything from ALIEN MONKEYS ATTACK CHINA FOR TOES OF CELEBRITIES! to JUSTIN BEEBER IS A REPTILIAN MUTANT FROM THE PLANET ZEEBE! or even BRAIN EATING KITTENS INVADE EARTH IN SPACESHIPS! And there are also a bunch of camera apps you can get too. (DO NOT USE YOUR HOAXS ON ME UNLESS I CAN HELP OR SOMETHING.) Also, if you want to see some hilrious hoax videos, look at Butchy Kid's channel. He has really good and funny videos although some he claims are inappropriate are really cool.  Anyway some people that have not seen any monsters or ghosts in their life are easily fooled by cheap Halloween coustumes and photo manipulation. Do not make it too fake or some beginner will easily know what it is. (Do not get to cocky. Sometime you may if you are really bad hoax and break the law, and if you do do not forget I warned you!)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

the birthday party of awesomeness!!!

Today i woke up then mom got this phone call and told me i could go to matthews birthday party early!! we drove there really fast and i when in the game truck minge had hired and played lego pirtes of the carbbien, lego star wars, halo, and call of duty in lego pirates of the carrabien. i sliced matthew's head off in call of duty matthew gunned me down when i had no ammo (I SHALL Have vengese!) and in halo he killed a giant chicken or some thing and the other one ran towards me then i blasted it then we blasted each other and discovered that you can still blast peoples bodies even if they are dead. Then we ate pizza then i ate doughnuts from the cake then we when inside to look at the ipad and matthew's xboxs games then we decided to play a game with those guns that make sounds and nerf guns i may have hit one guys neck accidently then matthew started yelling at me for FIRING the nerf gun even though i found the bullet thing i had fired every time then kyle and matthew (there is another kid i know named matthew he has blond hair too hide this red lighetsaber thing in matthew's dad's room(aka alex's room really that's his name room and aimed a big nerf gun at us even though i had only one and gave us 26 seconds to find the lightsaber then when we did not find it they aimd their nerf gun at us AT CLOSE RANGE!!!  then alex saved us and then me and matthew (the blond one) got into a battle. he tried to fire a nerf gun at my head! i banged on the door then FINALLY alex opened the door then matthew (blond) tried to kill me then i hit him in the belly with a nerf gun and he hit me on the arm with the lightsaber thing and grabbed me and i escaped and the party was over

Friday, June 15, 2012

the battle of park day

Today I went to park day, but mom was sick so she sat at a bench far away. She made me bring spray bottles and gave me gum to give to other people. No one wanted the gum that much, only two people. Then I filled up the spray bottles with water then played with Sylvana's brother. We started playing, then there was a small BATTLE when all the kids started using sticks, rocks, and water bottles. I ended up getting a small hard rock thrown at my arm by one of those little cavemen! And then they went up to eat. I gave one of the squirt bottles to one of those fools and he jumped on it and used it as a club on a kid with no weapons. Then I got hit by a big long stick on my leg, then one of them got sprayed and said it was itching powder, then everyone looked for itching powder! Then we thought that it was gun powder and ran around screaming like total idiots. Then mom asked me if i wanted to go and a kid said it was an hour since the time that we were going to leave so I said yes. TOMORROW: THE PARTY OF AWESOMENESS!!!!   

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shadow Creatures

Shadow creatures are things that are like some animal that say goes in a headlight and still does not get headlighted. Almost any type of animal shape can appear -- yes, even anteaters. They may sometimes be your guardian or helper or some that are shadows of say a big wolf may be a devil or demon or ghost in disguise.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

my new website!

today i made a new website (do not worry i am not shuting down this blog) i am going to call it YOUR PARANORMAL STORIES. you can post your paranormal expirenices on it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cool godzilla films that were never released

i am a godzilla fan so let me tell you about some unreleased godzilla films. there was going to be a film named GODZILLA VS GHOST GODZILLA. the reason they did not make it was that they thought there had been enough godzilla imposter films before mechagodzilla and spacegodzilla. it would be so cool to see godzilla face off against his ghostly doppellganger! there also would have been godzilla vs nessie where godzilla battles the legendary cryptid. it would be so interesting to see a crytid in a godzilla film. they dropped it for some reasons but i think it would be a pretty decent film too. godzilla vs wolf man you are probably thinking: ''how can wolfman who is only the size of a man battle a monster the size of a skyscraper?'' the answer was that they made wolfman GIANT the only footage is 5 minutes long but it was a fan made film but it could have been good IF ONLY THIS CRAZY DEPARTMENT HAD NOT CANCELLED IT!!!!!! there also would be GODZILLA VS BATMAN. It would have had batman battle the king of the monsters with a lot of high tech gadgets like the batmonbile in it too. there also would have been GODZILLA VS FRANKINSTEIN. do not ask me how a strong monster like Frankenstein, the size of a man, was supposed to last 8 seconds fighting godzilla, the monster as big as a small skysraper.

Monday, June 11, 2012

know more about black beings plus 20 ways to see if you pepole or pets are possessd

okay more about black beings! first they feed off negative feelings. you can tell they are in the room by the utter wave of negativity. try to ignore them. if that does not work that well try closing your eyes and see if you can see them (heh heh see and see get it?) they may use your loved ones or maybe even kill them to get to you. they are obviously not human due to uncanny size and glowing red eyes.

NOW FOR 20 WAYS TO SEE IF YOU, PEOPLE AND PETS ARE POSSESSED: when you are possessed you can hear a weird or lizard-like or beast-like voice in your head. also it may be a human voice of the demon mimicking it. also possessed dogs will bark or growl at nuns and other religious pepole. get a gun that is sure to kill the dog since after a long time without exorcism they will turn on you and other people.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Know your strange creature: what are black beings? plus. do burrowers cause earthquakes and other land disasters?

There have been a lot of sightings of black beings (that is what I call them, I do not know what else to call them). They are things that come in all shapes and sizes but look like living shadows. They are everywhere. Some pin people to their chairs. Some take of their heads! I think that they are maybe demons or maybe ghosts of people coming back to settle the score! Maybe they are monsters created by wizards to torment the living! They may have some conection to Roswell and Brazil's alien crashes. Maybe they are the lost shadows evil wizards and kings and villains stuck between hell and the land of the living maybe. I think if it's a ghost or any of those I think to would be cool if it lived in Palo Alto so we could get SOME media covering, and me and Matthew and my friends maybe would get on TV or Youtube. If I took pictures of it I would put them on my blog and get on the cover of TIME or THE NEW YORKER.

I should tell you about burrowers shouldn't I? they are either aliens or mutants that probably look like moles but I do not know since not many people have seen them. They have bio sense. OK, know that you're all done with the bio now for the subject! The people that have known of these guys existence before this probably know that they cause dirt and boulders to go and try and crush the miners that have invaded its territory. But I think they cause earthquakes when they go in a group too close to the ground. Maybe they eat dirt like worms since they both dig tunnels under ground, not that they are dangerous, they are a little threatening still.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Know your strange creature:shape shifters

this is the some queen  pepole
Today I am writing about shape shifters. There are a bunch of types of shape shifters so I will tell you about the shape shifters I am writing about today. First, there are reptilians, a race of aliens or former rulers of the earth bent on the world demise and enslavement!! Second, there are demons and devils. Next, there are vampires. Then insectoid aliens and other types of aliens. And there are their creations
clones! Now for what you have been waiting for!!! Reptilians as you probably have guessed have holo projectors that makes them look like any human they choose! Even YOU maybe!! But that does not stop it from having flaws sometimes. You can see reptile eyes instead of human eyes, or maybe wrinkles you do not see. Before they have inpersonated Barack Obama, police officers, and random people. The easy way to find one is to turn on your TV and look at a powerful news show like channel 7. Record, it put it on youtube the day after the day after tomorrow, post them on youtube and I will do a link to your video. I think I saw a few this year at a homeschooler group. I heard this lady they had at a school sing with a bunch of kids. I think she was hypnotizing them till she could eat them after she fattens them up with food! I also saw this kid today holding some food. I looked at him but he did not look back. He had semi-long hair. I think he was this type of alien that's name I can never remember that have long hair and look  human. Who knows, maybe they are reptilians in disguise as humans. Now for demons and devils: They are demons that have somehow escaped from hell like in jailbreak! In hell that is (sinker sinker) to avoid getting possessed by demons and devils avoid using old spells and places where demons were said to be slain. (Wow! Now I am seeing lightening and hearing thunder. Cool!) Demons can only posses, which is not shape-shifting that much but still is. Now for vampires: They can be killed by sun. Some say that if a werewolf, or a witch, or a wizard if they die they become vampires, which makes it very annoying for the people that killed the vampire before that. Now for insectoids: They are a little less common on earth than reptilians. They have a bug's features and sometime they hum instead of talk or their eyes turn black for a second or two. They may flare out hidden wings for a split second too if you are lucky. Now for this alien from it came from outer space. They have one eye. They are taller than a human. They are good. They have a round body. Now for clones: aliens make them to replace humans while they do experiments on the real person. They are like the Peter Parker clones the Jackel tried to repopulate the world with (how did he want to use to wipe out almost every human on earth???) They are clever but some have glitches and save you.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to survive: a vampire ghoul and demon attack also has YOUR GUIDE TO DEMONS AND HOW TO KILL OR AVOID OR LEARN ABOUT THEM

I do not have any stuff about that dog man. So here so if you have looked at Matthew's blog post you will know how to survive other undead attacks: 1. For Vams, get a flintlock, a stake, holy water, a sun lamp. 2. Do not invite in strangers with two sharp teeth and meeting eyebrows. 3. Where to find ghouls: graveyards, a ghost town, castles. 4. Find them? Run for it!!!! 5. How to get a vampire to stop trying to kill you: take gold or anything valuable and throw it where the vampire is chasing you. He or she will stop to pick it up. 6. Types of demons: Buer, what he looks like: has five legs not in same place. The grand marquis of hell, what he looks like: a wolf with wings, a snake tail. Lilith, the bringer of mostly every thing bad, what she looks like: shadowy hair, huge bat wings, shadowy robe. Afrit, not really a demon, just a scary type of genie turns into a giant human. Oni, what they look like: some have a bunch of eyes. They are skinny.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I did today, plus know your strange creature: the Michigan Dogman

Today I went in to this hammock and read then we went to look at this castle. Then we went to the beach. I found a weird shaped shell and crab arm so new that I could move its pincers. Then we went home, soaked in the hot tub with dad then watched REAL GHOST STORIES:THE LONDON UNDERGROUND AND BEYOND and this one from the same series about ghost cowboys. It was so cool. KNOW YOUR STRANGE CREATURE:the Michigan dog man, that is tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know your strange creature: The Beast of Bray Road

In 1980 this guy called ''Uncle Cookie'' said he saw what seemed to be a werewolf. It had bulging muscles. It walked on two legs. It was covered in black or brown fur dark. In shade its eyes were glowing red with anger and hate. It has a savage thing for killing you in a particularly gruesome manner. It must be a permanent werewolf because no one saw it change into a human. In 2002 a film appeared made in 1970, maybe. Its known as the Gable film. It starts... oh wait I do not want to be a party-pooper... and by the way the guy that filmed it got ripped in TWO while he was filming it by the beast. Some crazy scientists claim that it was a fake. They got the bit of priceless information from an old guy that probably cannot remember that he has anything to do with it. Make sure to watch it with company. It is scary!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Games to play:

1. Time Crisis 4
2. Terminator Salvation
3. House of the Dead
4. All Kill
5. Contact Killer
6. Pocket God
7. Pocket Devil
8. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures
9. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
10. Zombies vs. Aliens

Sunday, June 3, 2012

know your strange creature:the freaky old guy in a suit

you are probably thinking who is that guy??? well i know about him.  have you heard about Slyvana. i
 mentioned her last month. she told me about this time when she was waking on the creek and saw this old guy in a teacher suit, a beard, and tall legs slid down from this dirt wall and did not note her i think he is a ghost doomed to repeat his actions FOREVER!!!! or maybe he is an old school teacher or principal gone mad from years of food fights or maybe he is a mad scientist!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

know your strange creature:brazil alien crash

Recently this ufo thing crashed in Brazil. It was burning and a bunch of people saw it and ran over to it. Military guys and fire fighter guys came.  People saw this strange creature that looked like some sort of alien it had some type of LIQUED on its body, it had red eyes and looked like a grey but it had three ''horns'' that were really part of the aliens head and it's veins were visible outside its body! The military took it away. The military said it was this dwarf. Some people thought it was the devils son, some said it was a dwarf, some said it is an alien. Two days later a fire man and a military guy that had come in contact with the alien both died of the same cause:poison. The army mans wife said he had been really  healthy before when the hospital examined it they said it had 8 UNKNOWN POISONS in its blood. The military took it away but THAT was not the end of the mystery. A week after this old lady came out of her office(she owns a zoo) and saw some thing looking just like the alien from the crash. It disappeared a second after. Over the next week 15 animals died from poison too. Maybe another alien surveyed the crash like its companion? is there some connection between this crash and roswell?        

Friday, June 1, 2012

More about Strange Creatures Month!

I have more stuff to tell you about strange creatures month! I am going to finally get to use my manga comic maker thing! So be ready for super strange creature comic strips! I am going to have videos too! Also contact call me IF you see any strange creatures. If you photo them or video them send them to me. I will make sure they get on the blog posts(coment me ins tide! Do not say I am a wimp or an idiot or a nerd in your messages because I am SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO not!!!! And do not call me in the middle of the night. Write down your story if you have paper and do not call or text us AGAIN unless you are some one I know. I will be waiting in that hammock for it to be strange creatures month... Oh wait... It IS strange creatures month!