Thursday, May 31, 2012

My second day in Massachusetts

Today I woke up, went downstairs. The grown ups talked forever, I read books then my dad forced me to do Time4Learning then finally when we where done dad said: ''Oh look! A hammock! '' I got a pillow, a Tintin and sat in the hammock, Then we went to the circus and we saw these elephants getting washed in water by a guy. I got some lemonade then the circus started! We went in then this guy with a whistle came in. He was funny. Then some other people came in, dad got cotton candy and we left.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My first day of my first trip that lasted longer than a week

Hi I am going to Merrimac, MA. It is 8:20 in Palo Alto but here it is 11:20. I got the "Ultimate Guide to Spider-man" and "Zombie Chasers: Undead Ahead". I am going to be here a week and a half. I am trying to stay up till midnight. Yes!! All for now. I will get pix when I get to Palo Alto.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my favorite MARS ATTCKS! bubble gum cards

I have this website I like:
This is one of the series you can see there. I like the martians a little, but I like the bugs a lot too.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tron: Uprising is coming!!!!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to make your own custom characters.

Well, here I am writing a blog post about how to make your own Poptropica characters! And here it is:

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PAN ASSASIN: 1.Customize Pan in Mythology Island. 2. Get the ancient sword from that space game. 3.Get the belt from Hercules. 4. Get the glasses from Spy Island.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN 1700s SOLDIER GHOST: 1. Get the clothes of the guy at this island in Skulldugery Island. 2. Get a gun. 3. Use the button that makes you look like a ghost. 4. Use it.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MINOTAUR SHAMAN: 1.Customize the Minotaur (I do not know if you can.) 2.Get the clothes of this guy in a red tunic (you can find him at Main Street or at Poseidon's place in Mythology Island.) 3. Get any magic stuff like a staff or a wand.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BOUNTY HUNTER: 1.Try to get the girl monster mouth thing. (You have to be a girl in the game to get it.) 2. Get a cool jaket. 3.Get the item from the first custom tip. 4. Take a laser weapon. 5. Get a black shirt. 6.Get the hat off the bike rider in the Poptropica store.

HOW TO MAKE ANOTHER BOUNTY HUNTER: 1.Get the werewolf head from Poptropica store. 2. Get Buck Lucas's hair 3.Get rock stair clothes. 4.Get the cowboy's gun.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN GHOST ROCK STAR: 1.Get the clothes from the rock star with the guitar in the Poptropica store. 2. Get the goth boy's hair in Vampire's Curse Island. 3. Use the thing from Poptropica custom tip no 2.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My first wedding

Today I went to my first wedding. It started like this -- we went to park day and this girl I know said she had once seen a...wait! -- I will write a blog about him next month! Then we left. Mom kept saying, "Can we go to that burger king to eat now? Can we go to that hotel? I'm tired." I said no and when we finally got to the hotel the check-in desk took up half the room. Sitting on the chair was this guy who would probably pass as Colonel Dacota in his 70s (from Indiana Jones). Then we went to this barbeque and then the next day we ate some food then mom made me wear a stupid suit. We went, got cake, ate stuff, then left. So there you have it! How I got a fire twirler in my family (the groom).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

zombie smash is cool!

hello i am happy because i defeated my first boss in kung fu warrior yesterday! and today i also got zombie smash hd and have already unlocked the suicidal zombie, the electricity zombie, and the normal zombie. i love all the ways to kill zombies. my favorite is the one where you can make the zombies heads so big they blow up!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

faceoff call of duty

hello this is nate speaking oh wait... hi! i was at mom's libray and hit a jackpot when i was out with jessie i got SUPER DINOSAUR #10 and GODZILLA #1 and ate a chocolate fudge ice cream diped in chocolate! anyway i saw a ad for FACEOFF: CALL OF DUTY(or i thought it said it???) while i was watching lego black ops (it is great! look at it on youtube!) and thought it looked cool it is for xbox 360 my friend matthew has one -- or did he trade it for some thing? and...matthew if you are reading this plese answer by commenting the answer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

kung fu warrior rocks!

hello pepole i just downloaded KUNG FU WARRIOR this game where you play this kung fu guy and kill enemies and enemy bosses i have not defeated or seen any bosses  i have killed a lot of bad guys and those annoying fast guys! (wasn't that eclipse cool? for some that would rather play video games and watch tv and eat candy than stare at a boring comet or star all day it was a little cool. but it would be cool if it made it snow or maybe rain snakes and frogs)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Attack of the killer scorpions

I am thinking about scorpions and pondering what would happen if they could get giant or maybe get smarter? Would they say to each other: ''Excuse me, but can I go out and kill humans by the dozens?'' Or maybe: ''Aaww, mom, not humans on a stick again!'' Anyway, me and Matthew would kill one by building a catapult and throwing burning rock on it and FIRE! It would kind of be like THEM!, a horror movie right up anyone's alley, unless you are scared by ants... In the end the humans torch the queen ant and all the ant eggs with flame throwers! I think we could get some big flame throwers, probably, unless they were out of stock, and get some tanks and death rays too, and a box full of ak47s and grenade launchers. Wow! would Santa have a load to carry all that, wow!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I did the day before yesterday

The day before yesterday I went to park day and I went with this girl, Sylvana, onto the creek bed. It was dry. I saw her little brothers were puting fruit in a big dirt skull-shaped face, not that there was anything wrong with THAT. Then I asked Sylvana and she said that we should chase her two sisters on their scooters, so we did that. Then she picked up a fruit and said: ''Let's annoy my little brother!'' and we told him wow we have this fruit wow! He and his friends chased us. I have no idea why they chased us. The fruit had a big bite in it for goodness sake! Anyway, this kid said he was working with us and then I put the fruit under my hat and pretended to be a double agent and got my pocket searched but all they found was a bottle top. Then I just said, ''She has it, no, she has it!'' and the boys beat up Sylvana and that girl that talks in a different language every day a little. And then we gave it back to them for some reason and left a little later. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The menace of the giant booger

There is this ghost in Ghost Busters that looks a lot like a giant booger. He can float and loves to throw this booger-like stuff at people and annoy them a lot.

Friday, May 18, 2012

things i am

here are the things i am:
1.the party king of palo alto
2.a horror movie fanatic
3.a indiana jones fan
4.a poptropica player
5.the beach combing cazr
6.the the evil eye champion
7.a big nate reader
8.a wonder woman liker
9.a comic book maker
10.a huge godzilla fan
11.the video game king

Thursday, May 17, 2012

strange creature disco!

ha! caught you by surprise! thought i was done with monsters eh! well wrong! i am going to do strange character month ho ho ho! and it has not even been a month since monster month and by the way i will be doing cryptid month 2 in august! i will do blog posts about the unexplained stuff that truly captures our imaginations like bloody mary, giants, mosquito man, and fish-men. anyway since i figured out how to upload videos* i think i will upload videos. so i will upload a bunch of videos and i will truly creep you out wowhh!!!   

*in april

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

strange creature locator rocks!!!

i have just gotten the strange creature locator app for my iPad and used it to look for monsters and it was so good! now i do not have to worry about monsters that much unless they are really close to me! i I really love this app and recommend it and werewolf detector to people who like scaring people silly with cool apps! eee, there is a vampire, a ufo, a fairy, and a dark wizard close to us -- eeeeee!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

168th madness!!!

as some of you know this is my 168TH blog post -- Yes!
This is a blog about man-wolf. he is j. johah jameson's son, john jameson, a guy at nasa. he found a necklace on the moon and wore it on the first night of the full moon and turned in to MAN-WOLF!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nate and the movie of doom

"Why hello, angel of death, you are late!"
Yesterday, we watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (note to pepole who are going to see Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: this blog is a spoiler to you. For pepole who see it try to forget it until after the movie). So anyway, let's get going. So Indy is in the jungle (not the birthday place, you guys!) and is with four guides. One sees a big statue of a demon and runs away screaming like a little girl, then the other three get to a river and one of the guides pulls a pistol on Indy, but Indy uses his whip to knock the guide's pistol right out of his hand. That guide runs away screaming too. Indy only has one guide now. So they get to the temple and go in and the guide sees that Indy has a few spiders on his back and Indy knocks them away. Then the guide turns around and a bunch of spiders are on him! Indy knocks them off. They go in and go into a room with windows. The guide almost goes into one of the lights but Indy stops him and puts a stick into the light. A decaying body with a spear through it goes forward. EEEKKK! Indy goes and gets the statue. The guide betrays him and dies. Then Indy has to give the statue to Belloc, his hated enemy, and gets chased by natives. Then he learns about the Ark and its horrible powers. He goes to the Himalayas, gets attacked by Toht and his thugs, kills all of the thugs with this cute girl, Marion Ravenwood. Toht touches the ruby thing, which is stupid due to the fact that it is on fire, and he runs out the door and puts his hand on the cold ice. Then Indy and that Ravenwood lady go to Cairo and Indy punches and whips some ninjas butts and goes and see where the Ark is buried and gets sealed inside. Indy gets rid of a wall and they get through. Indy starts punching the German mechanic and the German mechanic is about to kill Indy but gets killed by propellers and his blood spatters everywhere(eew!). Indy gets on a horse and does a high speed chase. Indy gets the Ark but the Germans get it back and go to this valley. Indy is captured and the Germans open it and say: ''Why, it's just sand!'' and start laughing. Indy and Ravenwood close their eyes and ghosts start coming out and kill all the soldiers (due to the fact the Nazis killed a lot of Jews, the Ark's first owners) and the angel of death comes out and looks like a cute lady and turns into a demon and the German boss starts screaming and the colonel of the three's head shrinks and Toht's face starts melting (eew!) Their leader's head just blows up and their bodies go up into the sky and the lid falls down on top of the box and THE END.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Werewolf detector app rocks!

Ugg!! What a ''great'' time it was to get the werewolf locator 5 days after the full moon when you can use it. It is kind of like a radar but it tells you were werewolves are! It also has a thing that tells you about them! It is great for avoiding werewolves. I think it is really cool I have not used it that much yet because next month I can use it to see where some werewolves are.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What animal would you split your DNA with if DNA splitting was real?

I was looking at Batman wiki and saw some stuff about DNA splicers so I figured why not do a blog about splicers? Anyway if I could splice myself with anything it would be a bat or a goat or a bull or a croc or a snake. What animal would you splice with? (P.S. The second image is of a kobra soldier spliced with dino DNA.

Friday, May 11, 2012

a guide to a few minutes at a powwow

today we went to the 41th annual powwow where indians gather and sing and dance. the second it started all of the people in front of us in the seats stood up. we only saw the top of the indians' hats and sticks. we left after 30 minutes.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

poptropica friends are here!

a few days ago poptropica friends has been out! my poptropica character cuddle fly already has 31 poptropica friends! i also have 15 costumes! how many poptropica friends do you have yet?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

dungeons and dragons rocks!!!

today i played dungeons and dragons with clark at their house and it was so fun! in the first round my character (sir nate, an orc with a eye patch) had some humilating events leading to my character's demise. first my character tried to wrestle with the armory maker, got hurled onto the ground by some royal guy, and got put in jail. a guy came in and tried to make my character a wood crafter but my character ran through one door and into a bathroom, took off all my character's clothes and went down the toilet and on to a pile of poop. Then knocked a guy out, took his clothes and went into the crowd and committed suicide by laughing at a royal knight. the knight took out a bow and arrow and shot an arrow right through my character's head killing him. let me tell you the rules: when you play the dungeon master you have unlimited powers, like for example, the power to blow up the planet. when the player dies in the game he or she becomes dungeon master. your player can be a human, a dwarf, an orc or an elf. the game can be played almost anywhere because when you play it you don't have to bring anything unless it is your brain. you have to say your character's eye color and stuff. this game is also a good way to learn about people when they describe their character. it is a really good game.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

powder monkeys rule!!!

yesterday i got powder monkeys AND-IT-IS-PURE-AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a really good game. I recommend it as one of the five most recommended app games by me. the others are all kill, samurai vs zombies, jetpack joyride, zombie smash, and zombie take over.

Monday, May 7, 2012

the night of the annoying girls!

boy am i tired! i have sand in my hair both of my elbows have wounds and sand is in my ears! you are probley thinking:  "wow i wonder how he got like that?'' well here is my story hope you like it. here it is: so i was doing park day with dad and played with rocket things that go in to the sky. then i saw these two sisters i saw last park day and played with them.  then we started playing explorers. it started out fun until i was playing the prisoner and two dumb girls who were playing (one was the sister with glasses) started using REAL sticks instead of imaginary ones to pretend to saw off my head! then one started to pour sand on me from a bottle and i started batting them with my hat. i was knid of angry at the sister that was not attacking me because i was being mugged by those two mrs.capone jrs right around where she was cuddling this baby. anyway, i ran out from the bottom of the ship thing very quickly with those two evil girls in hot pursuit. i ran to the back of a slide and overheard them filling the bucket with sand. then i thought: ''hey they're a bunch of girls with no tactical and battle skills whatsoever'' and came out. big MISTAKE. one saw me and started chasing me. i went on a tire-swing. at first one of them tried aiming at me but the sand kept hitting the ground. but she gave the bottle with the sand in it to the other girl. then my behind went down the middle of the tire and little mrs.devil no2 poured sand on my head. a little bit later they said i looked stupid be cause i had pink on my shirt with the egyptian alphabet on it. then i was on the swing and fell down and got wounded on the elbow i had managed not to get scratched last weekend. and also i was on the swing with the good sister when suddenly one of the two evil girls picked up a stick and tried to poke and throw it at me. then i left.

Who Killer Croc is

Killer Croc used to be a guy that got this rare disease in the jungle that  made his skin green and let him breath under water, I think. He blamed Batman for it and became one of his nemises. His powers include:breathing under water, living in the sewers and having camoflage. These make him kind of one of the enemies the Dark Knight REALLY has to look out for, others being The Scarecrow, The Joker, Bane, Gorilla Grodd and Lex Luthor. Even though he can breath underwater he has a speedboat at his disposal. He has a small rapid-fire pistol.