Sunday, August 19, 2012


Dave shoots a zombie surgeon. The zombie surgeon moans: ''Ggggrrreeehhh...'' and falls dead. Suddenly a zombie soldier tries to strangle Dave with a lead bar, but Dave jumps behind the zombie and kicks him into a toxic waste container. The zombie soldier turns around screaming: ''Gggggrrrrhhhhh!!!!'' and charges, only to get shot repeatedly and fall over dead. Dave sees a zombie security guard jumping out at him. Dave shoots off the zombie's arm with a shotgun and then shoots the zombie in the chest, reloads and hears a angry groan. He turns around to see a huge zombie covered with muscle. It is a zombifed Dr. John Hutson. He has red eyes and fangs and screams. Zombie Dr. John Hutson grabs a military jeep and throws it at Dave but Dave dodges because, luckly, in school, Dave was an expert in dodge ball, then he shoots the zombie in the head twice but the zombie is still alive. Dave pulls out a  multi-shot rifle and shoots the zombie four times and then finally pulls out a stick of dynamite and throws it at the roof  over the zombie. The huge zombie screams: ''Ggggeeeerrrrhhhh!" as the roof over him falls on him... and several buckets of highly-explosive liquid. Seeing this, Dave jumps through a window just in time as the base explodes!!!


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