Thursday, August 2, 2012

day before the last day at camp and the raiders of the lost water fight

Today was the day before the last day of camp. I brought a water gun and a change of clothes and then I read Calvin and Hobbes. We went out and watched a play -- it was about rock and roll and had a girl playing a time traveller (she mentioned zombie drummers which inspired me to do the picture). The bad guy turned out to be an alien. Then most of us went in the bathroom to change. Then we started blasting each other with water guns. Then we had a water battle against Nick's (with his bucket of water) team. It was brutal -- every one got soaked. Then when I had no sandals (due to them being very wet) I saw a kid who played a reporter in the play and talked in his own accent walking by. Then I got some crackers and went up in the loft and had a pillow fight. Then we did work jobs. Then my mom picked me up and we went to a swamp to look around. Then we went to Uncle Steve's place where I showed Nanna Margaret Scribblenauts (a game where you can create almost anything, good app) and we had mac and cheese then I went home and write this.

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