Sunday, September 30, 2012

Siegius (a little blood)

two roman soliders with shields killing two gaul archers!
uh oh boar riders...

ow! that must have hurt!!
hello, you are burning!
Siegius is a game where you are playing Romans and fight against the Gauls, but you can also play as the Gauls or as the Boars. My favorite Roman guys are the fire archers, and my least favorite Gaul is the bezerker. He is big and has two axes and is hard to get ride of. I like the fire archer since they can set the Gauls on fire as seen in the picture above.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

how to make some cool costumes in poptropica

aztec heavy
1.get aztec lion mask
2.get the aztec king's servent's clothes
3.get aztec king's necklaces and cape
viking bezerker
1.get the last viking's clothes
2.get the axe from the viking costume
3.get helmet with gold bottom
4.get blue cape

1.get bucky luckes's shirt
2.get goth boy's side burn
3.get bucky luckes's hair

elite sniper
1.get underwater hazermat suit's gun
2.get zorro shirt
3.get bullet belt
4.get sir rebel's goggles
5.get cap from the spy inside the base
6.get biker's jacket

elite sniper 2
1.get goggles
2.get the first spy's cap and shirt
3.get bullet belt

Friday, September 28, 2012

The orc camp moc no.5

the orc genaral and his second in-command (in case you're wondering that is a harry potter troll head)

an orc officer with a sword

an orc sorcerer and the back of a orc bezerker.

an orc spearsman and an orc with a staff with a human head on it.
two orcs eating and drinking by a fire. (yes thats a human head the second orc is eating)

an armored orc taking his helmet off.

two orcs warming themselves by the fire.
an orc guard on top of the watch tower.
the orc bezerker's front view.
This is a little medieval moc I did when I was bored on a weekend. I did it out of boredom and from the fact that I had a perfectly good harry potter troll head. These are pictures I took with our camera. In picture number 2 there's a guy getting mauled by an orc, but I did not take a photo of that.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My field trip to Elkus Ranch (this happened two days ago)

Two days ago I went to Elkus Ranch with Stefan, James, Luke, Rob, Mia, our teacher, and Nick. We went and saw the water tower things, and we saw Bruno for the first time. He is a guy missing two teeth who has a beard and is bald. Then we went to sleep. Then we woke up; then we got pancakes; then we went out and got to see the llama and the chickens. One of them had an egg. Then we cleaned out donkey poo (it's huge.) After snack (what fun THAT was!) we went up this mountain and got fossils. I got a clam fossil. Then the fog started coming in and we went down to our cabin and got hamburgers for dinner. Then we went out and got smores. Then there were piles of tanbarc, and we played ANGRY BIRDS TAG. I was the chef pig. Then we went to sleep. We woke up and did some painting on some pots, then we cleaned up more donkey poo, and then we left.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some of Cuddly Fly's costumes

Hi! I have been playing Poptropica for a while, and my idea for this very blog post just popped in my mind as I was giving some other Poptropica character Medusa hair and a zombie face, who cheesed me off by beating me. So anyway here are some pictures of a few of my many costumes:

Cuddly Fly... zombie hunter!

No one messes with the Cuddly Fly!

King Fly at the Poptropica bar.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I run and grab a baseball bat and a handknife. I then throw an empty dart rifle:' "It's empty, but we can still use it to crack it over those zombie cyber-jerks' heads,'' I say to Matthew. Suddenly we both hear a loud thump: ''Oh no, one of the cyber-jerk zombies must have gotten wise and climbed over the other door!'' I say."I'll get him,'' I say, thumbing my hard baseball bat against my palm. Then I run through the backyard and see a thin zombie cyber-jerk with a sword for a hand who groans: ''brains...'' ''On guard!!'' I say, as i do a fencing pose from a Zorro movie. The zombie cyber-jerk trys to impale me but I duck and and knock him across the face four times. The zombie falls over unconscious:' 'Ha!!!!'' I say and kick him over the wall: ''and stay out!'' I say as the zombie lies sprawled across the pavment. I run back to Matthew who's shoving a big box of old novels and Tintin books. Suddenly a sumo zombie cyber-jerk falls from the door! Matthew heroically jumps and grabs me before the zombie sumo can crush me. The zombie roars hopelessly, trying to get up, flailing its arms wildly: ''gggggrrrrhrhh!!!!!'' it roars: ''I'll teach you to try and crush me, you overgrown undead roadkill!'' I say and hit him twice in the head with my metal baseball bat. The zombie falls unconscious. Then I say to Matthew: "Let's pick up this zombfied fat dude and use him to your advantage.'' We both grab both the zombie ends and open the door: ''Heave ho!!!'' I scream as we throw the zombie sumo into the zombie horde: ''Gggggggaaaaarrrrrhhhhhh!!!'' roars a zombie cyber-jerk kindergardner as the zombie lug smashs into him! I whack the zombified bus driver, Gus, in the chest when he gets too close and then hit a zombifed art teacher, Miss Robsin. WILL NATE AND MATTHEW SURVIVE THE HORDES OF ZOMBIE CYBER-JERKS? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Matthew and I are sitting in the house all by ourselves since it is a parent teacher night. We are playing the Lord of the Rings board game when we hear a moan: ''Ggggrrrrraaahhh!'' Matthew says: ''What was that?'' I say: "Maybe it was Amanda?'' We both laugh like maniacs then we hear the moan again: ''Ggghhhrrrrkkkk...'' Matthew says: ''Where the heck is the groan coming from?'' I suddenly shout: ''I know: The front yard!'' We run to the front yard window and we see a horde of jerks, but they're not normal jerks--they're....... ZOMBIE CYBER-JERKS!!!!!! One zombie cyber-jerk with a robot leg and arm, wearing a knit cap with its long black hair falling out in the back. Another is a female zombie cyber-jerk with a robot cannon arm and dark purple hair with a black stripe in front of her face, except for her mouth. Then there's a huge one with a robot arm with its hand replaced by a mace, missing three teeth with a green mohawk, with one of its eyes hanging down from its eye socket. It almost notices us: "Oh my gosh I had no idea zombies were real unless it were in los zombies or Resident Evil,'' I say. Matthew says: ''I wonder how those jerks turned in to zombie cyber-jerks?'' Just then Matthew accidentally knocks over a dart gun! CLANG!!!!! ''Matthew, you numbskull'' I whisper as all the zombie cyber-jerks turn. ''Quick, to the other door!'' I yell to Matthew. We both run to the other door and slam it closed as a thin zombie cyber-jerk reaches his zombie arm through. His zombie arm falls to the ground: ''Gross!!'' we scream in unison, then we quickly make a barrier with a bunch of chairs, desks and empty Lego boxs WILL NATE AND MATTHEW SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE CYBER-JERK ATTACK? OR WILL THE HORDE OF UNDEAD CYBORG JERKS MANAGE TO GET NATE AND MATTHEW??? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poptropica Tips: what is the pattern you have to do on the flute to get in to the Minotar's maze

Hip, hip hurray!
 Do you know the pattern you have to do to get into the Minotar's lair? Well, you can do it the hard way and go to that god of music's place, but if you want to do it the easy way, well, just do the following tips: 1. go to the left of the place where you ate the apple thingie 2. jump up will see a door 4. get out the flute from your inventory 5. do the pattern blue-blue-green-yellow-yellow-red-blue-green 6. the door will open up 7.go inside!

Friday, September 14, 2012


S.W.A.T guard and captured zombie in a hazermat suit. 

S.W.A.T officer with shotgun.

a battle-damged zombie  S.W.A.T guy.

S.W.A.T truck driver.

a zombie mechnic getting run over.

a burnt zombie pizza boy getting run over.
 Hello wecome to my fourth moc! I call this moc: ''S.W.A.T ANTI-ZOMBIE ATTACK TRUCK.'' It has a big truck thing I made with my dad a while back. It looked cool so I used it for this moc. Two zombies are getting run over: a zombie mechanic and zombie pizza boy. The zombie in the background seems to have already been run over and shot at by various survivors. The zombie also seems like he used to be a S.W.A.T member but got turned in to a zombie. There is also a zombie hazermat worker who has been captured by the S.W.A.T team.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The day I slipped on a swing and injured my leg (OOOW!!!)

Today I was minding my own business swinging on the swing when I accidently let go and before my hands could grab the metal I fell down. I could not even talk, then I was all white (by the way I was still conscious). Then my mom used a wheelbarow to get me to the house, because my leg was hurting. I hopped to her bed and got in. There they are two good things about it: I got lunch in bed plus, I got to skip exercises and washing the car hooray!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time Crisis 4

Time Crisis 4 is an arcade game where you play two heroes whose names I cannot remember and a solider called William Rush. You fight and kill a bunch of terrorists. In the end you have to fight and kill a wild dog, and sometimes Wild Fang, the final boss from the last game.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lego Customs

Lego customs are lego figures made with custom or in-set lego pieces. They can have custom guns, custom heads, horns, and a bunch of arms. I have made some custom faces for my minifigs with mom's sticker machine. I have made an angry zombie face, normal zombie face, and man with a mustache face. They turned out awesomely! I hope I can do more soon. I own one custom weapon and a clone trooper rifle. I have only one custom figure I have bought -- it is a zombie with a chainsaw arm it is very good.

Monday, September 10, 2012


The Zombie Chasers is a book series about a bunch of kids. One's called Zack. He has a sister called Zoe. She used to be a zombie but turned back again. He has a friend called Rice. He has chicken pox. Also there is Ozzie. His dad is Colonel Briggs. He turned into a zombie. Then there's Greg. He lost his memory and got called Notgreg. My favorite scene in the Zombie Chasers is when they battle a bunch of zombie Elvis imposters. My two favorite zombies are a zombie police officer on a zombie horse and Longly zombie, who is a zombie grave-digger.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Battle of Vordoon, part 1 of 3

King John stands at the top of castle.

A solider holding a sword: ''Sir, the orcs have taken the great wall of Amodeg.''

King John says: ''Ready the soldiers and archers!''

At the great wall an orc spy runs to a one-eyed orc commander, Yoran: ''Sir, the human army is ready for battle.”

Ready the orcs and trolls,'' says Commander Yoran.

The human army marches toward the great wall. Inside, thousands of orcs and trolls assemble at the gate.

King John shouts: ''ATTACK!!!!''

They change at the great wall. A orc archer colonel, holding his bow with an arrow with spikes on it, shouts: ''FIRE!!!''

Several arrows whiz by. Half of them hit their targets.
''Aaaaggghhh!!!'' screams a soldier on horseback as an arrow hits his head!
Orcs and trolls run out of the gate. A troll wearing armor hits a knight in the head with his huge club with spikes. An orc with a helmet and armor holding a knife attacks a knight on horseback but the knight tries to stab him. But the orc is wearing armor so his sword breaks and the orc stabs him! An orc wearing a bandana, with a scar across his face, wearing leather armor and holding a shield and a sharp blade screams: ''OORRRGHGHGH!!!!!!!!'' A big ugly orc with dagger cuts down King John's horse and causes him to fall down: "Oww!'' he says after he falls. The ugly orc charges at him holding a huge battle axe!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Sleepover

Yesterday I did my blog then I had a bath. Then Minghe and Kyle came over and took me to their house. We played video games and watched SCOBBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER and brushed our teeth. Minghe tucked us in then we talked about STUPID STICKMAN ideas, then Minghe came in and said if we made any more noise she would take me to the attic. I said NO WAY because I do not want to wake up to a DEAD RAT in front of me! Then we went to sleep. In the morning we played ROAR RAMPAGE, where you play a t-rex with boxing gloves and destroy buildings and kill S.W.A.T officers. I played a game with Kyle where Matthew was the evil crime lord and we were the S.W.A.T officers trying to stop Matthew's pretend crime empire. After that I had frosted flakes and pancakes and pudding.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Battle to the Death Lego Moc (lego blood) moc no.3

A heavy gunner about to shoot a shirtless zombie

Zombie securtity guard, mutant farmer, dead zombie

Back view of the heay gunner shooting a shirtless zombie

Zombie solider, mutant civialian, fallen zombie survivor, zombie gorilla actor, zombie peasant with axe (top left of photo)

Zombie reporter, male zombie skier, and zombie miner

Mutant Japanese danceing woman, armless zombie A.D.U trooper

the dead zombie

Bald zombie battling long-haired solider

Armored S.W.A.T member

Angry survivor in suit, baron survivor, doctor survivor, and wounded survivor

A dead survivor
hello, my friends, I made this Lego moc recently. I started making it just after getting THE ZOMBIES Lego set. Also I used the zombies from the set's heads for the bald zombie in picture 8 and picture 2 and the shirtless long-haired zombie in images 1 and 3. The zombie without his legs and a cap has a vampire head, since I could not find a suitable zombie head for him. This moc is of a battle between a group of survivors  and a horde of zombies (not all are zombies; there are two mutants). My  three favorite zombies in this moc are probably the zombie peasent with an axe, the shirtless zombie, and the zombie nobleman.