Wednesday, June 20, 2012

werewolves? the grim reaper? ufos? bigfoots? all in one sitting!

one of the sightings

okay so in 1974 they are these people that are studying these ufo sightings that are different because ''ape men'' are seen near the ufos and one day these farmers and these twins are looking around and see a huge bubble-like thing and it makes sound like if you turned on a giant lawn mower and one of the twins says: ''look!'' and they see these bigfoot things and the farmer fires over their heads and they keep coming and he shoots the big one in the chest and the bigfoot raises its hands toward the small one then goes into a bush and the farmer and one of the twins get eye irritation and call some ufo expert that comes and then the guy starts rubbing his head then growled and attacks like a cross of between a bigfoot and a werewolf  and then is just about to attack one of them when he falls down and they see the guy in a black hat and cape has the weapon of the grim reaper and he says: ''if man doesn't straightin up then the end will come soon! the whole world will burn!''

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