Saturday, June 16, 2012

the birthday party of awesomeness!!!

Today i woke up then mom got this phone call and told me i could go to matthews birthday party early!! we drove there really fast and i when in the game truck minge had hired and played lego pirtes of the carbbien, lego star wars, halo, and call of duty in lego pirates of the carrabien. i sliced matthew's head off in call of duty matthew gunned me down when i had no ammo (I SHALL Have vengese!) and in halo he killed a giant chicken or some thing and the other one ran towards me then i blasted it then we blasted each other and discovered that you can still blast peoples bodies even if they are dead. Then we ate pizza then i ate doughnuts from the cake then we when inside to look at the ipad and matthew's xboxs games then we decided to play a game with those guns that make sounds and nerf guns i may have hit one guys neck accidently then matthew started yelling at me for FIRING the nerf gun even though i found the bullet thing i had fired every time then kyle and matthew (there is another kid i know named matthew he has blond hair too hide this red lighetsaber thing in matthew's dad's room(aka alex's room really that's his name room and aimed a big nerf gun at us even though i had only one and gave us 26 seconds to find the lightsaber then when we did not find it they aimd their nerf gun at us AT CLOSE RANGE!!!  then alex saved us and then me and matthew (the blond one) got into a battle. he tried to fire a nerf gun at my head! i banged on the door then FINALLY alex opened the door then matthew (blond) tried to kill me then i hit him in the belly with a nerf gun and he hit me on the arm with the lightsaber thing and grabbed me and i escaped and the party was over

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