Sunday, June 10, 2012

Know your strange creature: what are black beings? plus. do burrowers cause earthquakes and other land disasters?

There have been a lot of sightings of black beings (that is what I call them, I do not know what else to call them). They are things that come in all shapes and sizes but look like living shadows. They are everywhere. Some pin people to their chairs. Some take of their heads! I think that they are maybe demons or maybe ghosts of people coming back to settle the score! Maybe they are monsters created by wizards to torment the living! They may have some conection to Roswell and Brazil's alien crashes. Maybe they are the lost shadows evil wizards and kings and villains stuck between hell and the land of the living maybe. I think if it's a ghost or any of those I think to would be cool if it lived in Palo Alto so we could get SOME media covering, and me and Matthew and my friends maybe would get on TV or Youtube. If I took pictures of it I would put them on my blog and get on the cover of TIME or THE NEW YORKER.

I should tell you about burrowers shouldn't I? they are either aliens or mutants that probably look like moles but I do not know since not many people have seen them. They have bio sense. OK, know that you're all done with the bio now for the subject! The people that have known of these guys existence before this probably know that they cause dirt and boulders to go and try and crush the miners that have invaded its territory. But I think they cause earthquakes when they go in a group too close to the ground. Maybe they eat dirt like worms since they both dig tunnels under ground, not that they are dangerous, they are a little threatening still.


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