Wednesday, June 27, 2012

things I did at id tech camp

I am going to id tech camp and today Rita got lost and mom had to pay 20 bucks for making her one hour late for work. There was a mosquito on the roof of the car. This is what I had for lunch: two double chocolate cookies, a slice of pizza, a hamburger, a sierra mist, and vanilla and chocolate ice cream. We were talking about invisible stuff when i was going to say something. I was holding my plate for fun and had drunk a swig of sierra mist, and it went up my nose! I had to snort it out. Then we left and I went back to working on Alien Attack 7 (not available in stores) and playing Armagetron Advanced. Then we went outside like everybody and went on the field. I went off to play more video games. I played zombies vs penguins. Then we went back and did more stuff then we went out and I heard  my name called. I went to Rita she gave some food to one of the instructors. Then we went to Minghe's house, and I had some left over cake then went in and I played Kinect Star Wars. I played a rancor and once took a guy and smashed him in to the ground HARD. Then I drank some lemonade.

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