Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know your strange creature: The Beast of Bray Road

In 1980 this guy called ''Uncle Cookie'' said he saw what seemed to be a werewolf. It had bulging muscles. It walked on two legs. It was covered in black or brown fur dark. In shade its eyes were glowing red with anger and hate. It has a savage thing for killing you in a particularly gruesome manner. It must be a permanent werewolf because no one saw it change into a human. In 2002 a film appeared made in 1970, maybe. Its known as the Gable film. It starts... oh wait I do not want to be a party-pooper... and by the way the guy that filmed it got ripped in TWO while he was filming it by the beast. Some crazy scientists claim that it was a fake. They got the bit of priceless information from an old guy that probably cannot remember that he has anything to do with it. Make sure to watch it with company. It is scary!

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