Friday, June 29, 2012

the battle of kashkky part 1

it is dawn on kashkky traders and workers from all over the galaxy gather to trade and get jobs in the busy kashkky market place and cantina when suddenly thousends of trandoshon and sepritists ships apper blasting the ground the ships land and hundreds of trandoshs and battle droid chage out blasting every thing in sight wookie genaral uro turns on his comlink to the jedi council he says: ''master yoda we need imident aid they are thousends of trandoshens and seprits ships we need help* (translated from wookie) master yoda says i will send jedi and clones to your plant i will'' ''thank you master yoda'' says genaral uro he is the not the only person to contact the jedi council for master io assined to look over the wookies before slices down a super battle droid and shouts in to his comlink: ''master yoda i need renforsments!'' then as he is distracted a red trandoshen named shor shots master io in the belly twice killing him instintly his clone commander deck runs over to his genaral to see if he is alive the he is shot in the head by a trandoshen sniper then repblic ships land as thousends of clones and jedi run out on the deck of the sepritist command ship genaral grivous and trandoshon slaver kkk-nee stand at the command deck grivous says: ''deploy grapple battle droids and b3 ultra battle droids and the flitch battle droids!'' next: will the jedi win against a army of trandoshen assains and battle droids stay tuned!

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