Friday, June 15, 2012

the battle of park day

Today I went to park day, but mom was sick so she sat at a bench far away. She made me bring spray bottles and gave me gum to give to other people. No one wanted the gum that much, only two people. Then I filled up the spray bottles with water then played with Sylvana's brother. We started playing, then there was a small BATTLE when all the kids started using sticks, rocks, and water bottles. I ended up getting a small hard rock thrown at my arm by one of those little cavemen! And then they went up to eat. I gave one of the squirt bottles to one of those fools and he jumped on it and used it as a club on a kid with no weapons. Then I got hit by a big long stick on my leg, then one of them got sprayed and said it was itching powder, then everyone looked for itching powder! Then we thought that it was gun powder and ran around screaming like total idiots. Then mom asked me if i wanted to go and a kid said it was an hour since the time that we were going to leave so I said yes. TOMORROW: THE PARTY OF AWESOMENESS!!!!   

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