Sunday, June 17, 2012

how to make hoaxes

Yes! Yesterday's post was magicpiranha's 200th post. I did not think I would make it this far so heck why not tell you how to make hoaxs and have a more interesting life? People have been doing hoaxes for hundreds of years--remember the trojan horse? The big warriors were in it and one told the enemy they had won, then the enemy took the trojan horse inside and when everyone was asleep the warrior came out and killed the enemy. And there was a time when this guy sent a picture of him with his cat that he had made look HUGE! to his daughter and she sent it to her friends and they sent it to theirs again until almost everybody knew about it. They are too many others than I can list. There are plenty of places online that you can post your hoaxs on like Weekly World News where you can post anything from ALIEN MONKEYS ATTACK CHINA FOR TOES OF CELEBRITIES! to JUSTIN BEEBER IS A REPTILIAN MUTANT FROM THE PLANET ZEEBE! or even BRAIN EATING KITTENS INVADE EARTH IN SPACESHIPS! And there are also a bunch of camera apps you can get too. (DO NOT USE YOUR HOAXS ON ME UNLESS I CAN HELP OR SOMETHING.) Also, if you want to see some hilrious hoax videos, look at Butchy Kid's channel. He has really good and funny videos although some he claims are inappropriate are really cool.  Anyway some people that have not seen any monsters or ghosts in their life are easily fooled by cheap Halloween coustumes and photo manipulation. Do not make it too fake or some beginner will easily know what it is. (Do not get to cocky. Sometime you may if you are really bad hoax and break the law, and if you do do not forget I warned you!)

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