Saturday, June 23, 2012

My 3rd sleepover

Yesterday was my third sleepover. We played on Matthew's DS and my Ipad and Wii then mom made us go to sleep. It was hard for me since Matthew's elbow sometimes knocked me in the jaw and once Matthew even sneezed on my face. After a while I woke up and tried to wake up Matthew but he was too sleepy so I waited and finally he woke up. We got books out and read them till mom came in and we played video games then me and Matthew made a bunch of custom Lego zombies then mom made us go out so we did. Then dad showed up and we went to see AVENGERS in 3D. We went in and immediately went to the arcade and played Terminator a little bit then went and got a blue, and two red icees and got two pizzas. We went to the movie theater, watched the ads, then watched the movie. It was pretty cool with lots of blood and killing then we went and dad made me eat some of these gross sour candies. Then we went to Matthew's and played Connect Star Wars. It was little hard since it thought I was left handed.

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