Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to survive: a vampire ghoul and demon attack also has YOUR GUIDE TO DEMONS AND HOW TO KILL OR AVOID OR LEARN ABOUT THEM

I do not have any stuff about that dog man. So here so if you have looked at Matthew's blog post you will know how to survive other undead attacks: 1. For Vams, get a flintlock, a stake, holy water, a sun lamp. 2. Do not invite in strangers with two sharp teeth and meeting eyebrows. 3. Where to find ghouls: graveyards, a ghost town, castles. 4. Find them? Run for it!!!! 5. How to get a vampire to stop trying to kill you: take gold or anything valuable and throw it where the vampire is chasing you. He or she will stop to pick it up. 6. Types of demons: Buer, what he looks like: has five legs not in same place. The grand marquis of hell, what he looks like: a wolf with wings, a snake tail. Lilith, the bringer of mostly every thing bad, what she looks like: shadowy hair, huge bat wings, shadowy robe. Afrit, not really a demon, just a scary type of genie turns into a giant human. Oni, what they look like: some have a bunch of eyes. They are skinny.

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