Monday, June 11, 2012

know more about black beings plus 20 ways to see if you pepole or pets are possessd

okay more about black beings! first they feed off negative feelings. you can tell they are in the room by the utter wave of negativity. try to ignore them. if that does not work that well try closing your eyes and see if you can see them (heh heh see and see get it?) they may use your loved ones or maybe even kill them to get to you. they are obviously not human due to uncanny size and glowing red eyes.

NOW FOR 20 WAYS TO SEE IF YOU, PEOPLE AND PETS ARE POSSESSED: when you are possessed you can hear a weird or lizard-like or beast-like voice in your head. also it may be a human voice of the demon mimicking it. also possessed dogs will bark or growl at nuns and other religious pepole. get a gun that is sure to kill the dog since after a long time without exorcism they will turn on you and other people.

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