Friday, June 8, 2012

Know your strange creature:shape shifters

this is the some queen  pepole
Today I am writing about shape shifters. There are a bunch of types of shape shifters so I will tell you about the shape shifters I am writing about today. First, there are reptilians, a race of aliens or former rulers of the earth bent on the world demise and enslavement!! Second, there are demons and devils. Next, there are vampires. Then insectoid aliens and other types of aliens. And there are their creations
clones! Now for what you have been waiting for!!! Reptilians as you probably have guessed have holo projectors that makes them look like any human they choose! Even YOU maybe!! But that does not stop it from having flaws sometimes. You can see reptile eyes instead of human eyes, or maybe wrinkles you do not see. Before they have inpersonated Barack Obama, police officers, and random people. The easy way to find one is to turn on your TV and look at a powerful news show like channel 7. Record, it put it on youtube the day after the day after tomorrow, post them on youtube and I will do a link to your video. I think I saw a few this year at a homeschooler group. I heard this lady they had at a school sing with a bunch of kids. I think she was hypnotizing them till she could eat them after she fattens them up with food! I also saw this kid today holding some food. I looked at him but he did not look back. He had semi-long hair. I think he was this type of alien that's name I can never remember that have long hair and look  human. Who knows, maybe they are reptilians in disguise as humans. Now for demons and devils: They are demons that have somehow escaped from hell like in jailbreak! In hell that is (sinker sinker) to avoid getting possessed by demons and devils avoid using old spells and places where demons were said to be slain. (Wow! Now I am seeing lightening and hearing thunder. Cool!) Demons can only posses, which is not shape-shifting that much but still is. Now for vampires: They can be killed by sun. Some say that if a werewolf, or a witch, or a wizard if they die they become vampires, which makes it very annoying for the people that killed the vampire before that. Now for insectoids: They are a little less common on earth than reptilians. They have a bug's features and sometime they hum instead of talk or their eyes turn black for a second or two. They may flare out hidden wings for a split second too if you are lucky. Now for this alien from it came from outer space. They have one eye. They are taller than a human. They are good. They have a round body. Now for clones: aliens make them to replace humans while they do experiments on the real person. They are like the Peter Parker clones the Jackel tried to repopulate the world with (how did he want to use to wipe out almost every human on earth???) They are clever but some have glitches and save you.

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  1. What an information-packed, fun blog. Thank you :) (from Nate's mom)


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