Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cool godzilla films that were never released

i am a godzilla fan so let me tell you about some unreleased godzilla films. there was going to be a film named GODZILLA VS GHOST GODZILLA. the reason they did not make it was that they thought there had been enough godzilla imposter films before mechagodzilla and spacegodzilla. it would be so cool to see godzilla face off against his ghostly doppellganger! there also would have been godzilla vs nessie where godzilla battles the legendary cryptid. it would be so interesting to see a crytid in a godzilla film. they dropped it for some reasons but i think it would be a pretty decent film too. godzilla vs wolf man you are probably thinking: ''how can wolfman who is only the size of a man battle a monster the size of a skyscraper?'' the answer was that they made wolfman GIANT the only footage is 5 minutes long but it was a fan made film but it could have been good IF ONLY THIS CRAZY DEPARTMENT HAD NOT CANCELLED IT!!!!!! there also would be GODZILLA VS BATMAN. It would have had batman battle the king of the monsters with a lot of high tech gadgets like the batmonbile in it too. there also would have been GODZILLA VS FRANKINSTEIN. do not ask me how a strong monster like Frankenstein, the size of a man, was supposed to last 8 seconds fighting godzilla, the monster as big as a small skysraper.

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