Saturday, June 2, 2012

know your strange creature:brazil alien crash

Recently this ufo thing crashed in Brazil. It was burning and a bunch of people saw it and ran over to it. Military guys and fire fighter guys came.  People saw this strange creature that looked like some sort of alien it had some type of LIQUED on its body, it had red eyes and looked like a grey but it had three ''horns'' that were really part of the aliens head and it's veins were visible outside its body! The military took it away. The military said it was this dwarf. Some people thought it was the devils son, some said it was a dwarf, some said it is an alien. Two days later a fire man and a military guy that had come in contact with the alien both died of the same cause:poison. The army mans wife said he had been really  healthy before when the hospital examined it they said it had 8 UNKNOWN POISONS in its blood. The military took it away but THAT was not the end of the mystery. A week after this old lady came out of her office(she owns a zoo) and saw some thing looking just like the alien from the crash. It disappeared a second after. Over the next week 15 animals died from poison too. Maybe another alien surveyed the crash like its companion? is there some connection between this crash and roswell?        

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  1. Are you talking about that our art teacher is an alien???


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