Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things I would do if I earned a card to be the Principal for the day

I just learned that at my school you can earn a card with Stanbucks (for acting well) to be Principal for the day. Dean was the Principal for the day today and said that we can wear any clothes we want tomorrow. So here is my list:
1. give kids free ice cream
2. have a party
3. have everyone in the school go to an arcade
4. let every one wear their underwear and get gum
5. let everyone dress up as everything they want (yes that includes zombie fairy dwarves)
6. everyone gets to go to a disco and drink root bear floats
7. everyone can take out computers and do anything they want on them!
8. everyone gets to play on a huge wii system BATTLE FRONT 2
9. kids get to tie teachers up and test their aim by trying to hit them with a ball of some kind
10. kids get water guns, bb guns, and paintball guns and get to do a kiddie "battle to the death"
11. kids get to challenge teachers to duels with samurai swords
12. kids get to warm themsleves by throwing all the math books, math journals, and science books into a blazing bonfire
13. kids get no homework ever
14. kids get to go to the mall and buy anything they want

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