Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night

Today was Halloween as you all know. I went to school as a swamp zombie Stephan was an x-ray, Mia was a cat AND a witch, James was the grim reaper, and our NEW student Evan was a ninja. We went to recess with Briana, Stephan's friend, and when we played Angry Birds tag, she played Mighty Eagle. She was dressed for halloween as a ''white owl,'' but I have to say that she looked a lot more like a chicken. One kid I know was a zombie hunter with a sweet zombie head on his belt and also a sweet bullet belt. Also the ''I'M BATMAN!'' teen was dressed as... well... batman! Baton, a kindergartner, was Iron Man. We played tag, then we watched some animated halloween clips, then we had assembly where we all did some sing-along. Then we did a halloween party in our rooms. We got to watch half of CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT and then we got picked up. When Matthew and Kyle came I was suprised -- I thought one of kyle's minions would be with him, but he probably was sick. We went out and we got a load of candy. We discovered some little lane that we had never gone to before and got piles full of candy. Then we went home where we piled the candy all out on my bed. There were snickers, tootise pops, and many, many more types of candy.

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