Thursday, October 25, 2012

LASER SINECE MUSIC PARTY!!! plus my clone wars guy has a new squad!

oh... shiny lights...
 Today I went to Stanbridge Academy and then at the end of the day there was an assembly and everyone was there. So were all the teachers. If you counted everyone there you would have 100! Anyway counseler James (not student James!) intrdocued us all to Zack, a guy from Pennsylvania. He does laser stuff. He talked about stuff. Joey came and helped him. Then he projected two cartoons with the lasers. It was funny. Then everyone packed up and went home.

I was playing Clone Wars Adventures. I was on Umbara, cornered by more battle droids and umbarens than you can shake a stick at when out of the blue three players came out and masscred the baddies! I became freinds with them all. They were in the squad THE DARKEST LORDS. Since befreinding was not enough, I joined there squad! So there you have it -- I now have a new squad!

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