Saturday, October 6, 2012

Battle of Vordoon part 2 of 3

The big ugly orc gets cut in half because King John cuts him in half with a battle axe he ''borrowed'' from a dead armored orc nearby. Then he kills a orc sapper with a dagger trying to kill hims. Then an orc on a giant wolf kills a knight's horse and before the knight can get up he spears him. A orc dragon rider on a armored dragon soars in, letting his dragon grab a knight in its jaws and devour him, while also letting two elite orc archers hit their marks. Suddenly King John jumps and cuts off the dragon's head and cuts down the orc rider and archers! Inside the great wall Commander Yoron says to a troll commando: “Send out the full strength of our army.” ''Yes, master,” says the troll commando.

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