Thursday, October 18, 2012

Attack of the Time-Zombies

It is the year 2012. Jack Shots races to a hidden lab and sees Doctor Brains activating a time machine, ''Well, well, well, if it isn't Jack,'' he says evilly, and then says, “I have already sent my zombie army to infect every time period!'' Then Jack shoots a bottle, and it splashes over Dr. Brains and turns him in to a zombie. Zombie Brains lumbers into the time machine. Then Jack jumps in the machine before it closes. Then he finds himself in the Jurassic and finds a few guns and a dagger from a dead survivor. Then he battles zombie cavepeople -- a huge cavewoman zombie but he shoots her. Then a portal appears and Jack runs towards it, but is stopped by a zombie saber-tooth tiger. He shoots it twenty times, but it only gets harmed a little bit, so he goes and throws a grenade and kills it. Then he goes and sees zombie farmers -- he battles them all. Then sees a huge burly zombie farmer without a shirt called Big Bogga, then he kills him. Then he goes to Japan -- he battles zombie ninjas and samurai. Then he battles Sensei Brain and kills him. Then he goes to gangster times. He fights zombie cops and gangsters then he kills Al Zombiepone and Machine Gun Brainy. Then he gets portaled to the future and kills cyborg-zombies and robot zombies. Then he goes and battles Doctor Zom-brains (aka, zombie Dr. Brains) and wins. Then he shoots the control panel and goes back to our time.

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