Wednesday, October 10, 2012

roblocks zombie attack (PART 1 OF 3)

General Rob, a black ops, walks up to Major Briggs ''Genaral, zombies have infected the city. You need to kill Hower, who started this infection.'' ''Yes, sir!'' Rob says. A team of elite black ops, coast guards, army troopers, and red berets come with him in a elite destroyer-class heliocopter. Those already there perachute and jump off. General Rob sees a few zombie s.w.a.t. officers sniping them before he can pull out his rifle a marine is hit and dies. Then General Rob shoots both the zombies, then he lands. General Rob says: "You! sniper! go and go on the roof, black ops bomb troopers come with me! coast guards guard our landed craft!'' Then he, some bomb squad troopers, a lone green beret in a suit, a red beret with a bullet belt  and a rapid-fire pistol and a tommy gun, an elite black ops with a tatterd cape and ripped armor, Sergeant Briggs, a comn officer, and a heavy bazooka trooper with a small flare pistol walk with him. A battle-damaged zombie army trooper is quickly cut down by a few quick shots to the chest. Then a lava zombie grabs a marine and kills him but a grenade and a quick shot to the grenade blows him sky high. Genaral Rob says: ''let's go in that abandoned building. Maybe we can look around!'' They walk in but they do not notice the thing on the ceiling drooling. Suddenly it jumps down and kills two army troopers. Their bloody corpses slide into General Rob: ''A mutant spider!'' he shouts. They both shoot the big bad bug in the chest 21 times and finally it lies dead. They contiune on and cut down a horde of zombie cheerleaders. When they get to the 23rd floor they see a bearded zombie boss. They shoot him twice and go on to 24 (aka the roof). Then they hear moans. They turn around and see a huge mob of undead bad boys, monkeys, star wars geeks, teens, teachers, librarians, game addicts, and some kids in orc costumes! WILL GENERAL ROB SURVIVE??? OR WILL THE ZOMBIES KILL HIM? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON MAGICPIRANHA!!!

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