Monday, October 15, 2012


It is a dark and stormy night. An abandoned army base is about to to be terminated by a test atom bomb. Suddenly the bomb falls, fire flying from the back. On impact it explodes, a huge radiation explosion shaking the ground miles around. In Los Angeles very nearby... busy businessmen walk to their jobs, children play tag on a kiddie playground. Suddenly Mr. R.M. Nichols, a tired workman, hears a huge roar and screams as a huge shadow looms over him... A boy walking with his mother notes a trail of slime and follows it to see a huge looming red drooling blob, its eyes light orange, search for human flesh! A roadblock stands between the monster and the roads. Hundreds of police, F.B.I. and S.W.A.T stand holding batons, assault rifles, bazookas, and sniper rifles, all aimed at the hideous living jell. The blob monster throws itself at the police, devouring every one it can get at. Bullets fly through the air as thousands of guns fire. After every police is dead the blob monster throbs towards the last defense against it... the heavy artillery (aka the half-tracks and tanks). The tank leader, a F.B.I general with a cape, fires, six shells towards the monster. It knocks them aside and kills most of the drivers. Finally, a burly gunner sweating with a bloody gash on his arm holds a small pistol point-blank range to the monsters head: ''Ha! You're doomed now, beast!'' Suddenly, the monster's hot sticky tongue wraps around his shirt and messily devours him. The monster rips down the roadblocks and throbs on, devouring all in its way. In the town hall senators run screaming and running around the room. The Mayor's assistant says: ''Sir, a blob monster is eating every one!!!'' then goes completely berserk: ''Aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh!! A blob's going to eat us all and then eat everything in the world!!!!!!'' he screams as he runs out the door: ''I quit! Right... Better than getting eaten!'' As he runs past the gates the blob monster eats him. The monster lurches forward, but fearless red berets and brave marines holding rifles shoot at the beast, but the beast eats them. One Russian senator jumps out the window! The Mayor screams as the beast throws a book store at the Mayor's mansion, killing the last of the marines, red berets and some senators. Then the beast crushes the mansion. The beast marches on, destroying nation after nation and half the world. But then the monster was never seen again. But who knows where it might be hiding waiting to devour your flesh...

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