Thursday, October 11, 2012

Roblox (warning: gory)

Roblox is a fun game where you can build and destroy stuff in "cops vs robbers." You can play a cop or a robber but I was once a cop and another cop killed me -- but I killed him back. There is also a game called "military rescue misson" where you fight killer zombies. I once drove a jeep straight through a horde of hungry zombies and after I killed them all with the jeep I finished off a wounded zombie. It is fun since you can also jump from a plane with a paracute. Me? My style is to just drive a huge heavily armed tank, drive it into a horde of hunger-maddened zombies, and get a tommy gun and mow the rows of surviving ones down. That's strategy no. 1. Strategy no. 2 is, if there's a number even I cannot kill, to just go up to a high building. After finding a body I let the zombies eat it and while the zombies are devouring the corpse, I snipe all of them and for the last one I give a special present... shoot him in the legs!!!
My favorite game for sure is that one.

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