Wednesday, October 3, 2012

my video game character's bios

                                     WILHUGG DARTFORGER

bio: my avatar in clone wars adventures
where you can find him: corlac battle ground, jedi temple
favorite random jedi: that trandoshn female jedi and the old snow jedi
the droid he hates the most: the bomb battle droid
quote: ''wherever you need me I will already be there!''
nicknames: the general, sniper boy, and sep shooter

                                                   CUDDLY FLY

bio: cuddly fly is my Poptropica player
favorite movie: night of the living carrots
favorite food: pizza from papa pete's pizza
quote: ''whooo!!!''
favorite island: super villian island
where you can find him: ned noodle head's comic store, multiplayer rooms
least favorite villian: lumberjerk boss
favorite villian: binary bard
favorite cryptid: yeti

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