Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Battle of Kashkky part 4

BOOM!!!! The clone walker explodes! In the Separatist base Trandoshon engineers and guards walk around. Trandoshon High General Yorgon, wearing an eyepatch and armor, walks to the conm systum. A hologram in a dark cloak appears: ''Are the jedi  distracted?'' the figure says in a raspy voice: ''Yes, my lord,'' Yorgon says. ''Good, I will not come to the planet. Instead I will send some of my servants.'' ''Yes, my lord,'' Yorgon says. He orders lines of Trandoshan soliders, knife handlers, and heavys. We go to the shore where the battle rages on wookies, and clones fire at the endless storm of battle droids and Trandoshans.  A Trandoshan heavy shoots a clone pilot. A wookie commando is hopelessly outnumbered by Trandoshans and killed. Suddenly a Trandosh warship appears, bombarding all near where it is going to land. It touchs down. It opens thousands of trandoshs and battle droids charge from it. Finally, when all the reinforcements are gone from the ship, five figures step out. All turn on red lightsabers. They take off their hoods. The first is a red Zarbrak, with a cyborg eye, the second is a white Bith, the third is a bald human with a laser-mace, the fourth is a unknown species Sith with six arms and laser whips. Their leader is a Wookie Sith. Pablo Jill and Robon Cobb light up their blades, ''Hello, allow us to introduce ourselves,'' he says. ''This is Darth Zargon, Darth Ert, Darth Jolk, and I am Darth Twon,'' he says. Pablo Jill and Robon Cobb rush forward. So do the Sith. Darth Ert gets cut in half by Pablo Jill. Darth Zargon gets his legs cut off and gets stabbed. Darth Jolk gets his leg cut with a lightsaber and gets pushed into a speeder. Darth Twon prepares to attack his enemy, man to man...what will happen next? Will Darth Twon kill Robon Cobb and Pablo Jill or will they win? Find out next time!

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