Sunday, October 28, 2012

Battle of Vordoon part 3 of 3

An orc squad releases a volley of arrows and kills all of a squad of troopers. Thousands of orcs and trolls swarm out of the gate. A giant clubs a general. A giant troll smashes a row of troopers. An orc berzerker who is wounded attacks King John with a mace but he cuts off the orc's head. A one-eyed orc gets stabbed. Thousands of orc archers fire but they get killed by a catapult. An orc fires a firey arrow but a pikeman kills him. The orc second-in-command rides out on a horse. He kills a knight but a bunch of archers kill him. Commander Yoron says, ''Send in the hellhound riders.'' Thousands of hellhounds with orcs attack but the archers all fire and kill them all. Commander Yoron and thirteen orcs on horses come riding out. The knights attack the others but Yoron kills all that attack him. King John attacks him and kills his horse but Yoron leaps off before King John can kill him. They duel and finally Commander Yoron gets his head cut off. And the knights win!!

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