Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tintin's Problems

Do you know about Tintin, the reporter? Some things are a wee bit unreal, like for starters:
1. he learned to talk to elephants
2. he learned to fly a plane in exactly 20 minutes
3. he drove a plane into the middle of a thunderstorm and crashed in a DESERT(what would his mother say!)
4. he is friends with a drunkard
5. he got hit on the head with a small piece of plaster and didn't get even a bump!
6. he has no mother you can see unless she is the bride of the invisible man
7. he never gets shot and he also never has the bullets GRAZE him
8. since when is a young adult able to use an automatic?
9. snowy never gets shot
10. in one part a crate drops on the ground RIGHT NEXT TO HIM but he does not get hit by THE METAL BARS THAT EXPLODE OUT!
11. he once broke into a house in the country side and disguised himself as an old man.
12. he HAPPENED to come across an old lady disguise when tohmn and thohom were looking for him?

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