Sunday, November 25, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: the three lords of the pigs

The three lords of the pigs are various cousins of king pig. Their names are: Mr. Badmustache, Mr. Bonemustache, and last but not least, Mr. Wizardbeard. They landed on king pig's fortress. They also brought THEIR army which had much fancier gold helmets and laser guns. They help king pig battle the birds. They beat up a lot of birds. The birds had a hard time killing their army but the birds got flamethrowers at David’s gun store and set all the pigs on fire except mustache helmet pig because his helmet is really stone, so they shot him. Then they battled the three lords. They battled with a whip (Mr. Badmustache), a bone saw (Mr. Bonemustahe), and a double-bladed axe (Mr. Wizardbeard). They killed thousands of birds but then one blue bird split in three. Two of them got killed by Mr. Badmustache but one hit him and he died. Then a big brother bird hit Mr. Bonemustache and he died too. Mr. Wizardbeard avenged his fallen brethren and slaughtered most of the birds and escaped. Then he, the last remaining pig lord, dueled with the leader of the rebel birds, half-killed him, but the leader of the rebel birds shot him before he died.

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