Monday, November 19, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS:zombie general pig

zombie general pig was once a mere general pig but when king pig called his brother zombie king pig for help he got vanquished in to a black hole and zombie king pig turned the other pigs in to zombies including him then he drove in a tank and ambushed the birds and almost killed them but his zombie tank driver drove to fast and he fell he was out of action then he attacked the birds but the birds killed them all corporeal zombie pig pulled out a Tommy gun and stood to make a stand with zombie general pig he wiped out a pistol and they fought the birds killing and shooting many but mighty killed corporal pig but he jumped on a donkey(the only vehicle he could handle) and escaped when the birds located the zombie pigs base he led the entire pig army along with all the surviving pig bosses thousands upon thousands of pigs came charging our every surviving bird in the whole world attacked sounds of gunfire and thudding as swords collided with flesh rang out zombie pig pikes men charged birds thousands of birds and pigs died every second of the final battle finally the birds were cornered general zombie pig ordered all the helmet zombie pigs to fire but red threw a can of tuna on to the head of a zombie cop guard's head and mighty eagle flew down killing them all except king pig who smashed tough the gates of his destroyed fortress and he and the birds dueled in a final dual to the death in the end zombie king pig was destroyed and blew up in a huge explosion of dark blue and all the pigs turned back to normal and king pig got eaten but fat pig spit him out and he escaped from the black hole. Also general pig wears this hat in the stage:JUNGLE WAR with a crown on it

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