Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: Corporal Pig


In ANGRY BIRDS: SPACE 2 (again 0 eye patch)

In ANGRY BIRDS: STAR WARS WITH NEW STAGES! (He has an eye patch u can not see it)

In ANGRY BIRDS:VIKINGS (he is diffrent from others because of the eyepatch and symbol of the viking king. Only high pigs have it)

Coporal Pigs are pigs that are really high up on the chain of command. His rank is next general pig. He appears in the games: ANGRY BIRDS:SPACE 2, BAD PIGGIES 2, ANGRY BIRDS:ATTACK OF THE PIG ARMY, ANGRY BIRDS:THE PIG ARMY STRIKES BACK, ANGRY BIRDS:STAR WARS 2 WITH NEW STAGES!, ANGRY BIRDS:VIKINGS, and ANGRY BIRDS:INDANA JONES. He looks like General Pig but he has an eye patch which he does not need, as seen in the complete guide to angry birds pigs and birds the old and the new in ANGRY BIRDS:SPACE 2. He appears leading a mining exhibition to mine eggs so they can get enough to get Fat Pig on their side because he was driven out of utopia and he will not go on their side again unless he gets fed enough. This Coporal Pig gets killed, but before that happens, he get enough eggs and he uses a teleportor to get them to Fat Pig without being eaten, so Fat Pig gets on the pig's side in Angry Birds. He is Chief Tusken Pig's trusted right hand pork. He is guarding Farmer Bird (who appears from levels 12-15) with one other tusken, until a bird slices through the chains holding the cage up and the cage falls on him and then knocks the other tusken into a spike wall. He only is allowed to drive a truck. He battles with a pistol.

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